was there a reason?

why the stamp fans cheered when the challenge was lost in overtime?, was there something on the jumbotron, :wink:

cuz they thought the call went thier way when the ref said "scrimage was the 47 yard line and the lions qb through the ball at the 48"

but with good math and football knowledge you would know he said the ball scrimmaged at the 47, you would go down the field not up but hey lol

heck, alot of stamp personal was jumpping with joy when they heard the call...lol

i know, hey we never said you were smart in calgary :S

That was hilarious, it was like a Lions home game when the crowd cheered for the touchdown.

when the ref said "a legal" it may have sounded like "illegal" pass.

The ref should have signalled ‘TOUCHDOWN’. It may have clarified things a bit.

Yeah the ref could have explained that better...