Was the Grey Cup Game Good?

You had a guy punt the ball seven freaking yards!!!
The half time score would have been 3-0 if it wasn't for turnovers and short punts(basicly turnovers)
The classic staple of a CFL match is a electrifing kick return. There was none in this game.
I counted one pass that actually traveled through the air for more then 25 yards.
You watch the Grey Cups from the 80s and 90s and their bombing the ball all over the place.
On the bright side there was very few penalties,but of course a penalty decided the game.
Avon Coubourne wins the MVP with a pedestrian 85 yards rushing....need I say anything more.
There were 14 punts in the game......
Sure the game was close in the end...but a 6-3 NFL game is also a close game and no one tries to tell you that a 6-3 game is exciting.
Quite frankly the ALS deserved to lose because they can't find a kicker who can hit a measley 43 yard fieldgoal (Scott Norwood is still hiding in a cave somewhere for missing a 47 yarder....so yes a pro fooball player is expected to hit a field goal from within 50 yards(weather permitting)
However the Riders deserve to lose more because they can not find a coach who knows how to count to 12.
TSN keeps calling this game a classic. I would not go that far... The absoulutly brutal first half will never allow that.
It's a damm good thing the Duval is Married to Larry Smith's daughter,because he really should be cut for a performance like that.........

No, it wasn't a very entertaining game. :lol:

Yup, very predictable finish too.