Was the Defence that bad?

I'm looking and we are signing some really good Defensive players. Now, I am excited that players like Cheatwood and Grace are coming, but don't you guys think our Defence was the team's strong point last year?

I mean, our Offence was inconsistent, and I feel our Special Teams was horrible.

I thought Popp would of went after a few gamebreakers and playmakers Offensively, then spending money of Linebackers and showing interest in Belli and Nate Davis...

Once again I'll state that every major college in the US has at least one breakaway runner and a wide receiver with good hands and speed. Defensive players who can cover the CFL field however are much harder to come by. Popp understands that you absolutely HAVE to hold offences to twenty points or less to truly dominate in the League.

toronto doesn't dominate the league...not at all

Me too, I'm scratching my head about all these "D" guys signing in MTL. Some of them will propably be cut at camp...especially high-salary veterans !

Our biggest "signing" for Offense was Keith Stokes that we traded for Karikari. And to be honest, Stokes will play mostly on ST, even if he can be in as a receiver sometimes..

When is Popp going to can Anderson, and bring in a young speedster for down the field threat ?

I think the D needed some work,dont forget they gave up 38 points to Ham 41 to Cal and 48 to BC

The D needs work but they were also on the field too much last season. I too am kind of wondering why we aren't making any moves on the offensive side of the ball.

It is much easier to find cheap offensive help than it is to find cheap defensive help. As was mentioned earlier almost every US college has a good possession receiver and a good downfield threat and we do not need to spend our cap space signing high profile receivers when theres no names out there that can do the same job.

The defence was very inconsistant last year and signing some veteran players to tighten it up helps a lot. We were way down near the bottom of the list as far as sacks go and we can use all the help on the front 7 as we can get

I agree with billy and mada on this one. Good American receivers are easier to find than defensive players who can adjust to the larger field. Who knows? Maybe Popp has already found a couple of capable receivers south of the boarder.

Of course, take help when you can, but do we really need all those D-Linemen? I mean, we have som really good guys, and now Popp is going after Belli or Davis… That’s what I don’t get

Good points all. We have Anwar Stewart and Cheatwood at ends with Truluck, Bowman, and Acholonu as backups; Philion and Romero at tackle with Haywood as backup. I can see one of Bowman and Acholonu getting released or maybe both, so maybe one more tackle, such as Belli or Davis would be desirable.

I'm a bit confused as to what they are going to do at LB. Strickland is a lock on one side, Butler lost his job to Taylor last year, and Mackey looked okay at MLB but Kai Ellis played a monster game at MLB in the Grey Cup, easily his best game as an Al. Not sure where they are going to put Grace, but something tells me Butler is going to be let go and Taylor will go back to being a backup so Grace will get that spot.

Okay enough tinkering on defence, let's get working on the offence....as other posters have said elsewhere, cut Anderson loose and go get us some deep threat speed receiver along with a quick scatback type of running back to complement Edwards (and rather than picking over the free agent list, I think we should be looking at young college receivers/running backs, for youth and to keep the cost down given the cap coming in). Popp should be able to find us a couple of gems.

If there is one thing Popp has, is an eye for talent. Did anyone hear of Keith Stokes or Ezra Landry before they came into an Als uniform? I didn't and they became some of the league's most exciting players.

Duane Butler, I would be upset to see him go. He didn't have a solid year, but is that enough to let him go, after his previous solid seasons with the club?

The Linebackers will be solid this year, in fact the whole Defence should be solid, they were last year, except our Defensive Scheme was pretty pathetic in my opinion. Way too predictable, the DBs were always playing the deep zone, and the LB were always blitzing, leaving the mid field wide open, and we've saw it many times where the opposing Offence dumped the ball 6 or 7 yards in the middle to the receivers, and that generated big gains.

On another note, one thing that really frustrated me, was the DBs not looking at the ball. They covered their men excellent, but when the ball is in the air, and you see your Receiver looking up and getting ready, that means the ball is in the air, thats when you let your man go and focus on the ball. They didn't do that, and were beat often.

Through my eyes, that's what was wrong with the Defence, not the talent of the players. But with the acquisitions of Cheatwood and Grace, this Defence just got better.