Was the Cats rushing game better with Richie at QB?

Just doing some pondering over the season past.....you do that as you get old I guess??

It seems to me that the Cats rushing game was at its best when Williams was playing under centre.
I have NEVER seen anyone play-action, or hold and pull the ball away from the RB any better than Richie Williams does.
It does not seem like a big thing, but I do think that it made our RBs more productive.
I know myself I did not know who had the ball sometimes until our guys were 10 yards downfield.
It must be tough to play defense against that as well.

No other QB came close to matching Richie's skill at this.
I wonder if this just gets over-looked and is not really a big deal???

The stats seem to support your observation, blackandgold.

Richie Williams started three games for the Ticats in 2008:

Week 6 vs. Montreal (Loss) 26 carries/157 rushing yards
Week 7 vs. Toronto (Win) 26 carries/210 rushing yards
Week 8 vs. Winnipeg (Loss) 26 carries/221 rushing yards

This calculates to an average of 196 rushing yards per game with Williams as the starting quarterback.
By contrast, the Ticat offence only averaged 140.7 rushing yards per game throughout the 2008 season.

Some of it is probably attributable to the deceptive ability of Richie Williams on handoffs and option plays but much of it can be attributed to games missed by Jesse Lumsden and Terry Caulley due to injuries during the second half of the 2008 season together with an increased focus on the passing game by then interim head coach Marcel Bellefeuille in the final few games of the season.

I would have to agree. Although Printers and Porter can run well also they are not as quick and agile as Williams. I wouldn't be shocked if Williams had the fastest 40 yard dash of all the CFL QB's.

I really hope to see him more in 09. He doesn't have the prettiest pass or the strongest arm but he is a gamer and seems to really give it his all. For the small amount of experience he has I think he controls games far better than Printers.

I agree with the comment that Williams is a gamer. The results that he has achieved with not much more than a great set of wheels and alot of b*lls are remarkable in their own way.

The fact remains however that if you cant throw in the pass oriented CFL you can't be a starting QB.

  1. Richie does not throw the ball well. I don't care about his motion, its the trajectory of the ball that concerns me.

  2. A QB can't run every play.

Richie makes a good backup because he is unconventional. Porter runs well but a basically a pocket passer. If he struggles, bring in Williams as a "change up".

I really like Richie and I hope the Cats aren't dumb enough to trader him to Peg or Sask for another bonehead trade. When ever Richie went into the game he picked up the team and hes well liked by the players and fans. A lot of fans are mad as hell watching our players going to build other teams that make the playoffs while we watch on the sidelines. :thdn:

I have to agree with all the above posts.

Richie, while having an unorthodox delivery does handle the ball well and I hope they can keep him. :thup: