Was the Argos, Ti Cats game on tv?

I was watching the high lights and the TSN banner was at the bottom like it was on TSN. I really wish i knew the game was on i would of watched it. Ive been without football since November lol.

I can't say for certain, but I don't believe it was on. It'd be sort of odd to air just the one game out of 8 pre-season games.

There has been a grand total of 1 CFL exhibition games on TSN in the last ten years (or more.....much much more) and that was in 2005 in Halifax....... otherwise "Canada's Sports Leader" "Home of the CFL" has not showin a single preseason game..... THAT IS A FACT.

didnt know the two played eachother in pre-season this year..

I'm sure TSN just had a crew doing the game as a warmup for the season, to work out the kinks. I could hear Rod Black's voice in the background of the highlights. I assume Duane Forde was working with him. That way they could have a game under their belt working together before they "go live" next week.