Was the 2010 Draft Class a Wash..

I look back at Last year Draft Class and It was a Wash .. for me
How to you feel about

Here a Recap and where they are today:

3 19 Hamilton Tiger-Cats via EDM Fournier, Samuel RB Laval (Picked off The Ticats Practice Roster by Edmonton)
3 22 Hamilton Tiger-Cats via WPG via EDM via TOR via SSK Steele, Eddie DT Manitoba(still with Team)
4 27 Hamilton Tiger-Cats via EDM Rwabukamba, Chris DB Duke (Still in School. Up for 2011 NFL Draft)
5 36 Hamilton Tiger-Cats Palardy, Justin K/P St. (cut Now in Winnipeg now there Starting Kicker)

Think someone told me that Chris R. is a better prospect than Ryan Hinds.If so, YIPEE!

What do you expect when the highest pick is a 3rd rounder and the biggest prospect was in school at least another year?

Re: Steele
I think he will at least end up as a decent career backup. Like a Reid type guy. Good enough to keep around and even start if needed. Reid performed great in a couple starts late in 2010 and I think is proof of what patience and development can do. When they keep keeps guys like this around it's for good reason. They can see what they will be one day.

And, in less than a month, Reid and Kirk could both be gone!

I'll correct myself on Kirk in my post above. His name was on a list circulated earlier, by someone, but he is NOT about to become a free agent according to the official CFL list released in December.

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/article/2011-cfl-potential-free-agents-list]http://www.cfl.ca/article/2011-cfl-pote ... gents-list[/url]

Kirk and Reid are both keepers but if I could only keep one then I would have to go with Kirk.