Was that the end of this era's run at the Cup?

Austin went with Collaros over Burris, built a fantastic team especially defence and special teams that have 2 years of GC experience but did it cost us 2 potential Grey Cups with an inexperienced Collaros last year and then cost us again this year...while Smilin Hank, well is Smilin!

Is our run done with this core done? Can we recover?

Have you actually watched the team at all this year? I don't know if you're an idiot or a troll.

Let me spell it out for you....Hank got us there in Regina, we dumped him, and Collaros got us there barely last year and was over his head in the Grey Cup game so we got man handled, except for what was almost a miracle...and this year we lost in the EF while Burris is going to GC.

What I am saying is food for thought, Monday morning quarterbacking, sour grapes but If we stuck with Hank maybe we would have won the Cup last year and Win it this year with our team being so good all around and be in the middle of a dynasty.

Now we have an injured QB and a bunch of back ups with little experience....Do you think we are going to waltz through the East and get back to the GC next year???? I am saying maybe the last 2 years were our shot!

Make sense now? or is all well going into next year?

So because Collaros got hurt suddenly it was the wrong choice to get rid of an aging Hank? Collaros was having an MOP season. Best QB in the league. And because he got hurt, we made the wrong choice? I don't get it.

Please, don't drink and type.

Just saying I think the last 2 years were our shot and we have nothing to show.
Maybe he made the wrong choice because we have nothing to show.

The way this team was playing on all cylinders peaking in August you could of had an MOP first half of the season at QB. Too bad it's October and November that counts.

This team is still improving. Even the vets aren't old guys like Burris. The key guys like Collaros, Medlock, Tasker are still getting better. This team's best years lie ahead.

An Argo-Cat fan

Agree with you. Hank did NOT get us to the Grey Cup - Austin regularly used packages for LeFevour in place of Hank that season and even inserted some Masoli magic vs Montreal. THAT is what made the team good enough to get to the 2013 GC. Hank was NOT a good fit for Austin and this team - I remember Austin clearly looking frustrated with Hank and his decision-making on more than one occasion.
Zach on the other hand is a perfect fit for this team. Unfortunately he was taken out for several games by a bad hit last season and had the misfortune to go down with a torn ACL this year. That is just par for the course for the way things went for the team on the injury front this year.

Listened to the post game show with Marshall Ferguson, He made a couple of good points one being that this team is set up for long term success unlike many other teams in the league e.g. Montreal, Sask, Ottawa even (what will they do when Hank can no longer play or they lose half their starting line up to the injury bug). It will be impossible to re-sign all of our pending free agents with the salary cap only going up to 5.1 mil (from 5.05) but my guess is that most of the players that Austin really wants to keep and can afford to pay will want to remain here because what this team has is special. Underwood was interviewed on the show after the game and he spoke of the closeness and camaraderie on this team. Liking you bosses and the people that you work with is a huge factor in being happy with your job.

Haha agreed. Killer I'm a little disappointed you made this thread

What they have to show for it is a VERY close-knit group of players who leave it all out on the field for each other, a team with strong character that will fight through all kinds of adversity and not make excuses when the bounces do not always go their way, a team that will be even hungrier to complete a job next season. Yes this team is just getting started.
Ottawa has had their fairy tale season but it will end next week, I predict with an embarrassing loss to the EE and WHEN adversity comes - and it will at some point - they will be ill-prepared to deal with it.

:thup: :thup:

Bad Hank made an appearance today. come GC, it'll be full monty

In 98 We got there lost and then won in 99.
I was hoping we would repeat that pattern that's all.
Not bashing or trolling, just trying to stir up some debate but everyone got offended pretty quick and then belligerent!
Everyone needs a little thicker skin around here.

BTW, Masoli played outstanding today, I would love to see them give him a shot until Zach gets back!!

Happy Grey Cup everyone, see you out there to anyone who is going!
I'll be there, just pissed the Cats aren't there. That's why this hurts so much!
I was in Regina and Vancouver and wanted so bad to see them in the Peg...hopefully it's a home game next year at BMO.
We'll see!

No. Yes.

(I think you can drop one of your "done"s. Sentence makes more sense that way)

nah we are good, its all timing brother!

Yup Bad Hank did show up - just wish hed shown up a bit more on that high snap that led to Ellingsons last TD. Would love to have seen him running after the ball and being tackled. Sigh - just wasn`t to be

you can always take solice in the fact that that pass was short of the mark.

or had we blitzed on that play. Hank wouldnt of got it off.

i know we've all made that complaint on here, not being aggressive enough at critical times

I agree, Hank's gonna have his hands full next week.
Our d was tired and held together with band aids...while Edmonton seems to have gotten over their vacation sun burns pretty quick.
Hopefully it's a good game.

the way Gainey fell i though someone shot him lol

poor guy, what a horrible series of miss haps that and the play before was

Look out, East Division: next season, Zach will be back!! And with Masoli as back-up aint nothin' gonna stop us. Heck, if Zach was still playing, we would be going to Winnipeg. Enjoy the party, Redblacks. :rockin: