was that really a 3 man O-line i saw in the calgary game

any thoughts where that came from>?
and its effectiveness????

we open the phones to our :wink: callers...

Yes, i give it a 4 out of 10.

people wanted creativity!!! We got it.

I liked it. If I recall, everyone was spread out all over the field and Printers handed it to Tre Smith. Imagine if he could get it to Lumsden with only one or two guys to beat... Might be interesting...

Did Smith get around five yards on that play?


I think 3 out of 5 is more accurate.

Bellefool tried in when he was in Sask about 6 or so times.

Didn't work worth a crap then. The guy never learns.

You know you're desperate when...

i liked it...

It came from the NFL, I've seen it done many times before, usually in around the red zone.

I was pleasantly surprised they could pull off a trick play and not get penalized.

If they got penalized for that I would have personally volunteered to pull Charlie all the way to West Virginia in a rick shaw lol.

Half the problem is that a penalty flag was thrown and then taken back after the play. I think Smith gave up half way through the play, once he saw the penalty flag. He could have run for more otherwise. Yet another officiating blunder that cost the Cats.

Do I want to see it again.....

  1. if Printers throws the ball (because running with 3 man protection is not smart any time)
  2. only if the WRs can draw the DBs and CBs to the opposite side of the field. The design as I remember it the WRs ran flat out leaving protection down field. Now you take those same guys and run across to the other side of the field you may be able to draw the secondary away from the run (leaving the RB to an open field)

It seems odd that we've found time to practice that "trick play", yet we still don't attempt screen passes to Lumsden. It was only the most successful play in our entire playbook last year.