was Printers worth going over the cap?

the ticats are now officially OVER the cap, no doubt, and will be fined for it...( too bad they didnt cut maas 2 weeks ago and saved his salary )

but i say, Printers is worth the fines.

either the cats DONT get printers, dont get fined and lose alot of fans and season ticket holders, OR they get printers, pay the fines and save themselves in the long-run.

i think it was worth it.

your take?

They ARE NOT over the cap. 500K per year which he only gets 250K this year for the remainder plus the 450K signing bonus = 700K. The Cats were a million under the cap so that means they are still 300K under the cap.

if the cats were $1million under, then that explains why they are 1-8...

which means, shouldnt fans be pissed thier team purposly fielded a weak team all season?

if they are, than yes

[url=http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/article.jsp?content=20070906_102139_5784]http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/ar ... 02139_5784[/url]

The deal reportedly includes a guaranteed signing bonus of $250,000, sources say.

there ya have it...the cats are Over the Cap limit.

the cats are not over the cap even with printers with all the changes at the beginning of the season with alot of new players making cfl min and with changes during the season some players only getting paid for games played the injuries pascal, hudson, and others dont come under the cap while on the inj list, they were probably closer to the cap at the beginning of the season but not now until casey

The Cats need to use the rest of the cap space to get a good DT or 2.

there ya have it...the cats are Over the Cap limit.
No. Say the team is 750K under the cap.

You sign him to a 1.5 3yr deal.

450,000 + say 150,000 = 600, 0000. Leaving you with 100,000 for something just in case.

Then the next 2 years printers is paid $325,000 each year. Leaves lots of cap room every season.

i bet the ticats could sign the whole new england patriots team and fans would still say 'were not over the cap'!

how can the ticats afford to give out a $250,000 signing bonus ontop of his $250,000 salary for the remaining of the season and not be over the cap???

cat fans are so quick to cry 'argos over the cap', yet never want to admit they might be over themselves.

im not sayin the ticats will be over the cap NEXT year....im saying the ARE over this year.

next year, they can cut maas' salary PLUS the cap number will go up cuz the TSN deal kicks in....so they will be ok next year.

but they will certainly be paying fines THIS season.

There is no salary cap. It is a luxury tax+ Draft pick reallocation = SMS. Hamilton had the lowest payroll anyway.

Congrats to Mr. Young and his team, I hope Printers treats you guys as good as you have treated him.

i understand its a luxury tax, and i fully expect hamilton to be paying fines....i said it was well worth the fines.

im asking if everyone else thinks Printers is worth the fines, yet people here dont want to admit the cats are over and fines will be forthcomming.

Won't admit what? All we've been told/witnessed is that the Cats shed a lot of expensive vets in favour of a bunch of comparitively cheap rookies, leaving them with a bunch of cap room. If true, a pretty solid strategy - if you're going to field half a team of rookies, you just know some of them won't work out and you need something in the bank for a mid-season adjustment.

We don't really know who makes what, but we saw the guys they let go and the guys they brought in, and it sounds plausible.

Even if they're 50K over, it's a small price to pay for one of the few guys around that most would expect to be a sure thing.

I personally don't care if we are over the cap. Why should I? The Argos, Lions and Eskimos must have exceeded the cap for the past several years, even if it doesn't show on paper.

There's nothing to stop a team who covets a player to pay monies under the table or drop a Lincoln in his driveway.

Obviously, I can't prove this theory, but how else could the same teams, year after year, afford the very best personnel?

I've always maintained a degree of suspicion.

so people are like me…Printers is well worth the fines!

It depends, if they were under because Bob gave a budget then yes I'm pissed, but I could live with it if they were under for a situation like this or to have money to spend on guys like Jesse and other young guys on the team, with a salary cap you have to spend smartly. It's not a good idea to max out on a bunch of quick fix over paid guys

Who cares about the cap....we needed a QB and we got a great one.
If the Cats are worried about saving money....fire Desjardins !

Subtract $175k in Maas’ remaining salary, and we are under the cap.

If the salary level was $200,000 higher last weekend than it was, we likely wouldn't have landed Printers. The frontloaded bonus money was enormously tempting, clearly.

If the rebuilding effort is to be understood by fans, a flipside of this is the understanding that it involves a youth movement with younger, less experienced guys as a whole. Therefore, a downward trend re SMS.

We saw how the inflated salary structure of the 2006 team underwhelmed on the field. This 1-8 landed us the best young CFL-ready QB with a MVP under his belt than anyone else...wait, THE ONLY GUY you can state that about!

Last year's first nine games led me to heartburn. I knew the Canadian talent influx from the last two drafts was going to take time to impact on the field. And so it has. Growing pains, but necessary ones in the big picture.

Hindsight is 20/20, but sometimes an eyechart poses even better gibberish to ponder than the easy reflex questions the media can glean from this.

Marcel inherited an on-field mess and has made the biggest single acquistion to right the operation in years. Was he psychic in knowing Printers would be released in KC? Doubt it. But having SMS room as a contingency is good capology.

Most successful organizations in pro sports with cap environments get that. The Cats did and Casey is with us.

Oski Wee Wee,

Drummer God: You come on here and say we are officially over the cap. Where's the link, or some proof to your accusation. Management has always maintained (as well as the media) that we were WELL under the cap. Earlier in the thread when it was brought up that we were under you went trolling saying shouldn't we be upset then that we didn't we spend all our money. The answer to that after getting Printers is NO. This is what well maintained organizations do. They have enough forsight to realize that while rebuilding from the ground up,, you do so with cheaper younger guys. You wean out the weak and bring in more. Eventually you end up with a strong product. Look at the New England Patriots as the perfect example. They made their run and won championships with quality guys. Maybe not the best, most exciting guys, but good guys. What that did was allow them to now take one last run with a veteran team buying going out andd getting those "high priced" guys this year.

This management team has shown after this deal that they truly are in control of building this franchise the right way.