Was our GM the wrong guy to get?

But I think that now with a proper salary cap in place you have to rebuild and spend wisely. I agree that it should not take no 3 years or whatever to acomplish though -in an 8 team league it should be 1 year tops. We now have a good strong core group of rooks to build around so next year the focus should be on bringing in some vets as well as another rookie or 2. Also 97 is a bad example because we had a stellar defence in place and was just missing 3 key pieces on offence, a q.b, tackle and a go to reciever.

Just curious and something to discuss.

  1. What was the best Free Agent signing this winter?

  2. What team had the best 2007 Draft?


  1. Nautyn McKay-Loescher...no doubt that was the best signing....but that is only one guy...and even he has had his fare share of penalties this season

  2. We had the best draft? if that is what you are implying? we got bauman? great a good big WR...maybe we needed it? maybe we didnt?... a couple of other WR...who now mind you are not on this team...as with many of the other draftpicks we got...

look where our Draft Picks are now
#1 Bauman- looks like he will be a great reciever in the future
#4 JP Bekasiak - seen limited playing time...actually has not stood out to me at all this season? hmm?
#12 Jordan Rempel - gone! (came in the busted Rocky Butler Trade for Wayne Smith and DJ Flick)
#13 Eric Ince - Practice roster
#25 TE robert pavlovic - released
#33 Chris Getzlaf - traded in the Holmes/ Armstead deal that who knows if it was a good one
#36 Nick Kordic - Gonzo (also part of the Rocky Butler bomb that happened to blow up right in Mr. Desjardins face)
#41 Micheal Goncalves - who?
#44 Adam Kania - not here anymore either

9 picks and we have only 3 guys remaining? and only one guy who seems like hes doing anything (Bauman)
and we dont even have anything to show for losing Flick and Smith as every single one of the guys we got was released? now that just doesnt make sense at all...the same thing goes for the trades he has made. and we have nothing in the way of good free agent signings...just NML...thats not good enough

Yes but that is normal in the CFL, I'd be really worried if we had more than 3 players straight out the CIS on this roster right now. Usually players are drafted then go back to uni for another year or 2 and get on the juice lol jk.

And the signings you so convieniently left out are, Anderson, Moreno, Curry, Chang, Setta. And I know Curry isn't lighting the league up now, but I think this guy has the abitity to be a future allstar in this league someday.

So far I'd say Marcel has done an average job.

Hes the best GM we ever had for a while! The romans didnt make rome in a few years people!

It was pretty hard for Marcel to mess up when he had the first two picks. You either go with the best two in the draft Gyetvai and Arthur (who might not be available for some time) or the next two Bauman and Bekasiak. He chose the guys that were available this year. I think they will be alright, Bauman is going to be a good receiver while Bekasiak may be a bit slower coming along. Might end up on the OL eventually.
Rempel and Kordic they sent back to school and they will get another chance next year.
Pavolic was never in camp as he was a future pick.
The last two were just fillers for the draft, but I thought there was some better talent still available for the 6th round like Koch, Durie and Hercule to name a few.
The year before was the big draft for Hamilton when they took Dyakowski, Gagne-Marcoux, Reid and Roberts. They all can play. The jury is still out on this years crop.

What has Anderson done? besides get beat and get thrown out of games (i don't think he should have im just pointing it out) doesn't look great right now
Curry...as you said isn't lighting up the league...in fact he isn't doing much of anything
Chang is still a work in progress and we are yet to know if he is going to be the next great QB...
Setta looks like he will be our kicker for years to come...if he can work on a few minor things(punting distance)
So basically the only guy you said there that has had any direct impact on this team was Moreno...

and might I also add that he has not signed a good O-lineman? I know you will say give him time...well he must have seen what the O-line looked like last year and previous years...and he still has done nothing to improve...to me he has done a less than Average Job...IMO

thank you for pointing out rempel and kordic going back to school...did not know...but still are these guys going to be able to play and make this team better? or are they just going to fall victim to Marcel's axe? once they fully join the cats

What NI Linesman was available this year that could step in? Draft or Free agent? I don't think there was one. The only real ugly Marcel did was the Smith trade and I think Smith requested the trade.

Anderson is probably the best man to man cover guy we have, he has a lot of raw talent and isn't afraid of getting beat.

Curry was outstanding in training camp and the preseason, but that was when he was playing with other q.b's.

Chang is probably the most well known q.b to be signed by a CFL team in 10 years.

Anderson is probably the best man to man cover guy we have, he has a lot of raw talent and isn't afraid of getting beat.

Curry was outstanding in training camp and the preseason, but that was when he was playing with other q.b's.

Chang is probably the most well known q.b to be signed by a CFL team in 10 years.

What I'm getting to is that he made a great FA pick up and drafted very well. Both first rounders are here for awhile. Both second rounders have a good shot down the round. Getzlaf and Kordic were great late picks.

I would think he should be afraid of getting beat...because thats all he does...if he keeps getting beat then he should be shown the door for someone who isn't

Agreed with most of your post except that part. Eric Crouch, Mike McMahon, Akili Smith just to name a few that are in the league right now. All 3 are a lot "bigger names" than Timmy Chang.

In my 50 years watching the CFL, I have never seen any G.M.
disassemble a team so totally as Marcel has done in ONE YEAR.

This year we are little more than an expansion team
without the benefit of a draft of unprotected CFL players.

On top of which he hires a coach
who is as strong willed as he is.

When a player does anything less than
make big plays or makes a critical mistake

he is either benched, switched to a new position
or the 2 of them tell the poor guy to hit the highway.

The guys are playing under that pressure, as well as,
the pressure from the fans and media for losing

Expansion teams don't have that kind of pressure.

That's why it's understandable for these players to panic
when mistakes, fumbles and penalties start happening
and the team ends up suffering an almost total breakdown.

I try to keep in mind that we showed progress
and played far better the 4 games before that.

That way I can trick myself into believing
that the light I see at the end of the tunnel
is not a freight train heading toward us.

Maybe that light isn't even coming from a tunnel.

Maybe that light is coming from the headlights
of Dan Rambo's car coming down the the highway.

Marcel is the Gord Stellick of the CFL. Perhaps he has the tools, perhaps he has the brains, but for now, it's just too much, too soon.

Charlie is the Cito Gaston of the CFL. His prior success came from managing a de facto all-star team that essentially ran on auto-pilot. Not what the '07 Tiger-Cats needed.

But here we are, nevertheless. So, maybe they'll adapt, maybe they'll improve. If not, I'll be looking forward to Rambo's Annie Sullivan impression.

Gangway for a miracle.