Was not Maas this time

Yes Maas looked bad or himself whatever it was but he was not to blame on this one. Everytime he had the ball he had the deer in headlights look and I don't blame him. He had maybe 3 seconds to find receivers in this game. It was horrible. Chang was a little better but he has more running ability but he still did'nt produce so who cares. The Argos took advantage of the Oline big time. Everyplay was a blitz and I don't blame them. They saw a weakness and played with it.

3 whole seconds? A LUXURY!!! He was lucky to get 2 Mississaugas before Eibin was in his face.

Gee, don’t we miss Danny McMannus’ quick release now?

Your'e right. I was being polite. I thought about that after I wrote it. There was no way he had 3 seconds. It was a joke that's all I know.

Those were the only two sentences that stuck with me after I read your post.