Was Marquay McDaniel correct?

Was his statement correct, absolutely.
Do you throw your teammate under the bus, absolutely not.

If I recall, McDaniel had at least 1 if not 2 drops in the game.


McDaniel had 46 receiving yards I believe. Keep It behind closed doors.

Jorden isn't the only Stamp to play selfishly... there were a few who played that way, and it bit them hard in the behind... you win as team, and lose as a team, too many mental mistakes by the Stamps and for the second year in a row, they are watching someone else celebrating a GC win.

The Stamps haven't been vocal against each other in the past and we seem to consistently watch them blow it in the big games. How can the truth hurt the club MORE than tanking it routinely in the big games?

If you have a cancer you cut it out vs go into PC mode. Whether its McDaniel or Jorden that takes the heat is irrelevant. Some things need to be stated and now they have been.

Stamps mgmts character will reveal how they now deal with it.

Excellent Bobo. I agree. Maybe Jorden has an attitude and McDaniel had finally had enough and was reminding him that one day that attitude would come back to bite him and the team. McDaniel was venting but was wrong to imply that Calgary lost because Jorden coughed up the ball.

Was Jorden careless? I'd say so but that faux pas didn't lose the game anymore than 12 Calgary guys not being able to catch Vaughn or Calgary allowing Ricky Ray et al to march down the field and get in position for a go ahead FG.

Jorden did not choke on that particular play. Calgary did not choke. If I recollect there was only an 8 point difference going into the 4th quarter and Calgary was on the brink of making it an 11 or even a 15 or 16 point difference having taken the ball down to Toronto's 8 yard line. That's not choking by any stretch of the imagination. The Calgary offensive team did not choke when they couldn't catch Vaughn. Mitchell didn't choke when he threw that unfortunate interception.

Regardless, some guys would call it that and they are entitled to such an opinion but in my opinion Toronto outplayed Calgary and at times were in the right place at the right time.

A well deserved Grey Cup win for Ricky Ray and the Toronto Argonauts!

"The Stamps haven't been vocal against each other in the past and we seem to consistently watch them blow it in the big games."

How do you know they haven't been vocal in the past? Have YOU been in their locker room?

Poor ball handling, poor decision making by Mitchell to throw into double coverage in the end zone rather than playing for the tie at that point of the game.

McDaniels 46 yards receiving, not like he lit it up.

Plenty of blame to go around.

Well deserved for the Argos who were without a GM and HC until late February.
Hats off to them!

I was speaking in terms of vocal to the media. Until now, we haven't seen Stamps critizing each other. Maybe now some players challenging each other might change some things in Calgary because how they have been doing it until now - seems to result in big GC upsets and losses.

They sure seemed to take the 'band of brothers' approach to their season and we heard this in some post game interviews. How so many of them were rejected by other teams or leagues - and chose to use this commonality as a bond. Amazing stuff. Great win by the Argos.

Now if only Toronto would wake up to what they have and join in.

You may think that Tor outplayed Cal and the score shows that though the stats don't. My thinking is why did Cal make it so easy for Tor to outplay them by fumbling and throwing a stupid int when not warranted and the coaching going for 2 points and missing instead of the single kick and most of all field /ball control. Why did Cal go away from Messam and Finch ? I would have worn down the clock running. Far too many throws from both teams in these conditions. Argos had to because Wilder was getting nothing but Messam was running through guys and getting yards. A key ingredient to keeping the ball out of Ray's hands. I think Cal threw this game away with selfishness and bad coaching decisions. I understand that BLM is a gunslinger but a receiver still has to catch a frozen wet ball while sliding in 2 inches of snow. The answer was Messam and Finch.

Each team dresses 44 players per game , and basically from what I can tell it seems like you are blaming one and only one of these 44 players for the Stamps losing that game ? Seriously ? Give yer head a shake there pal . I wonder whatever happened to that age old adage that you “Win as a team” and "Lose as a team " ?

Jorden by the way led the Stamps in receiving yardage on the day with 6 catches for 117 yds and did score one of their TD’s in the game , he also had that crucial 36 yard reception in that last drive to put his team in scoring position BUT according to you the Stamps lost this game solely on Kamar Jorden’s back and his back alone ? Hmmmm , okay I must be mistaken then thinking all along that football was a team sport…who would’ve thought it that a single player out of a forty-four player roster could all by himself lose a game ?::slight_smile: :o

Dave Dickenson:
"The team who controls the ball wins this game."

Argos beat the Stamps hands down by playing better football.

There is no excuse for spouting off to the Media!
What is said in the room stays in the room.
You don't throw teammates under the bus to the media!
Funny how the 3down media accuses McDaniel of a lack lustre effort in chasing Vaughn when it was only McDaniel, Mitchell and a valiant effort from Parker at the end that chased him!
Parker was the WR and McDaniel SB, they came from the other side of the field chasing him down, no other players than those 3 except for a few Olinemen even bothered.

I made up a gif

Fans are so hypocritical. We crave media bites and whatever tidbits we can get from players because fans feed off the emotion from the players - but when one player says a correct critical commentary about his teams play after blowing yet another huge game - he's skewered for it?

That's great that he made the effort to get across the field and get within 5 yards of Vaughn. Why would he not at least head towards Vaugh?

A lot of " if I could do it again I would do things differently" for sure Dan. Yes, in the stats dept Calgary outplayed Toronto. You are right. When I say the Argos outplayed Calgary, I'm thinking in terms of Toronto's 2 point TD conversion, Vaughn running back a 109 yard fumble recovery and Ray being able to march the ball to within FG range for the go ahead FG score. I'm also thinking in terms of the excellent Toronto coverage on that final nail in the coffin interception. The Toronto player who made the interception out played the receiver. He didn't get called for PI which would have resulted in the ball being placed on the 1 yard line. He didn't drop the ball. In my mind, Toronto over all outplayed the best team the CFL.

Where Calgary out played Toronto is that they successfully shut down Wilder and the running game.

Should Calgary have won the game? Without a doubt. I remember when Calgary was down to Toronto's 8 yard line about to go in for the kill. I figured if Calgary scored the major or even a FG it was all over for Toronto. But of course Vaughn had different plans.

Football is a game of inches. Jorden's knee appeared to be about a 1/2 inch from touching the turf before the ball popped loose. It was that close to being down by contact. The outcome no doubt would have been so much different.

Rather than hoping gravity was greater than it was yesterday, we should be more realistic in saying that had Jorden used two hands - the game definitely would have been different. Stamps didn't execute ball control while the Argos did.

It's what it takes in football, and most particularly in any snow bowl.

This team is "cursed". There is NO other way to explain this loss. The fumble, the return and the brutal pass to the shortest guy on the team in double coverage when field goal ties it. This was more than just CHOKING, and I know choking because I started choking on a cocktail wiener watching that debacle unfold!! Cursed I tells ya!!!! >:( >:( >:( >:(

Fool for sure Xvys. I respect McDaniel's talent but not so much the man unless he apologizes in some way for uncalled remarks. It's a team game and you don't say this in public no matter how you are thinking.