Was Marquay McDaniel correct?

Seems that McDaniel is getting slammed pretty hard for singling out Jorden for the fumble that turned the game into a tie. Initially I thought McDaniel was being unfair. However after watching all the scoring plays again we see that on Jorden's earlier TD carry, he held out the ball one handed - celebrating well BEFORE he crossed the goal line. In a snowbowl. Where everyone talked about ball control and possession being key to a win. Yet Jorden did it HIS way. And then later on he again used only one hand to protect the ball - which resulted in the turnover and score. And look at the result.

Seems like McDaniel was pissed at Jorden for consistently not controlling the ball when he had it - so IMO it's a very fair criticism of Jorden who played a very selfish style of game. He ignored his coaches and the weather - and greatly contributed to the loss.

It doesn't matter if he was right. You don't say things like that about a teammate to the media. Deal with it privately.

After watching his play yesterday - who needs teammates like Jorden? He willfully and selfishly ignored the game plan. Maybe McDaniel doesn't want that anymore and the media is a good way to get the word out.

There was probably an OL'man who missed a block at some point during the game, allowing pressure on Bo Levi which hurried his throw contributing to a incompletion. Perhaps if they completed that pass and got the first down it would have put them into position to score and win the game. I'm sure there were other mistakes by players during the game which could have contributed to their loss. McDaniel is a fool and should apologize to the player he criticized and be released from the team immediately.

Only one player yesterday made the exact same wrong decision twice on the same distance/yardage from the goal line: Jorden. Both times he used only one hand to protect the ball, and on the first time he even extended the ball out celebrating - prior to the TD. He got away with it once and burned his entire team the second time.

Snowbowl. In November. In a GC game. No team wants that kind of arrogance and stupidity from a player. Now we know why he looked like a child in the dressing room. He knew it too.

While Jordan admitted he cost his team the win, perhaps Hugh Campbell might have reminded him not to be so arrogant as to think that his one play caused his team to win or lose. It's a team game consisting of nearly 100 plays, with many great and not-so-great plays. You win as a team and lose as a team. Bye-bye McDaniel the petulant loser.

From a fan or color analyst perspective he’s 100% spot on.

From a fellow player point of view he’s 100% wrong - cuz there’s an unwritten code in pro football that you don’t roll your fellow players, coaches, etc., under the bus. You might cut him later but live and die with the consequences. Shaming a stupid player for not protecting the football is almost as stupid as the fumble itself!

Jorden's twitter said:

  • 'it's ring chasing time'
  • 'the only focus is to bring back the Cup'
  • 'we got this'

Yet in a game with horrible weather conditions, Jorden consistently risked possession of the ball. Consistently.

Doesn't seem focused to me at all. In fact the opposite. Maybe focused on the creation of some YouTube highlights, but he surely wasn't focused on his coach's instructions.

Maybe McDaniel should take a look at himself in the mirror instead of throwing team mates under the bus . He certainly didn't bust his arse trying to catch and tackle Vaughan on that return . He basically light heartily half jogged down the field and slowed down to a crawl when he should've been running full tilt boogie in an attempt to catch Vaughan . Who was the player who hauled in that crucial 36 yarder in that final drive to get Calgary into scoring position ? Oh that's right it was Jorden . As the old saying goes "There is no I in team" BUT there is certainly an "I" in McDaniel and while we're at it there is also an "I" in Mitchell . As much as I hate seeing Toronto win yet another Cup it does my heart good to see these full of themselves Stampeders lose another Cup .

McDaniel was speaking the truth about choices (not errors) that his teammate made.

Each time he approached the end zone with ball, Jorden chose to carry the ball that way.

What do day old tweets have to do with his focus during the game? You're really reaching here. Guy made a stupid play, that still doesn't mean McDaniel should have commented on in publicly. Win as a team, lose as a team.

Jorden chose to carry the ball numerous times in that game one handed. Not a mistake, no error, no brain fart. A conscious choice. And it cost his team a 12 to 15 pt swing, if you count the post TD conversions.

After a heartbreaking loss, I really don't think McDaniel or any player should be muzzled about how they feel. That's what the sports media is there for.

Yeah I know. It was stupid. Everyone agrees with that.

But you're not addressing McDaniel's comments at all.

McDaniels comments aren't team building, they aren't politically correct, they aren't secretive. But they are honest and real and accurate. Who cares if it disrupts the club? From what I'm seeing - the Stamps need some major disruption because selfishness keeps costing them championships.

Who cares if it disrupts the club? Everyone on that team cares.

They've been the best team in the league two years in a row. Slight changes should be made, but major disruptions would be insane? They're two plays away from having won 3 of the last 4 Grey Cups.

What I see is that they have failed 75% of the time. No consolation prizes in a GC loss.

Time for some changes because not only have they failed 75% of the time, but they fail in a very similar manner.

Agree to disagree I guess. Even if I was going to make drastic changes to that roster, my first change would be getting rid of McDaniel after those comments. Totally uncalled for.

McDaniel is full of himself... credit the Toronto defender for making play by creating the turnover... in those conditions most, if not all receivers, lose the ball on that play. It wasn't the only play that cost the Stamps that game. Mitchell's decision to throw into double coverage wasn't the best decision, but McDaniel says nothing about that... or the DBs selfish play to try get the INT on the 100 yd TD play.

I agree about the selfishness part . McDaniel certainly showed his selfishness in his half hearted , half ass attempt at trying to catch and tackle Vaughan on that fumble return when instead of going full speed he basically gave up on the play and slow jogged down the field . I also agree that this Calgary group does need a shake-up because in reality they are not so much of a team or a band of brothers but are more like a dysfunctional bunch of "I" players instead of "us" players . There's a lot of selfishness to go around on that team and far to many smug full of themselves individuals starting with McDaniel going on up to Bo Levi and points in between .

IMO every team needs more players being vocal about what the absolute minimum standards are that they MUST always meet. Dickenson's words to Sara at beginning of game were: Whoever controls the ball wins.

Obviously we can then surmise this means he has tried to drill that into his players heads. Instead, we see Jorden TWICE handle the ball recklessly and carelessly. Selfishly. He wants the pretty play for the highlight reel. He gets away with it once, and then burns his team for a 12 pt swing the second time.

Had Jorden put the team (ball control) first, they win that game. This wasn't an error or mistake. Jorden chooses to handle the ball this way.