Man the Als smoked the Leos. Does anyone know the largest loss in playoff history in the CFL???????
This must be pretty close to it.!!!!!! Sad and embarrassing for the Lions and their fans.

I think it was a 55-11 Western final (Edm. over Wpg.), can't remember the year, but I know that Cal Murphy got run out of town after that one.

They just set the record for the longest punk return in the playoffs, but I assume you missed that?

Does anyone remember in the olden days when the semi-finals were two game total point series. Unbelievable drama created by this way back when. Imagine, you lose the first game by four points and in the second game at the end your cannot go for the field goal to win you must go for the touchdown to beat the two game total point spread. Some games I am told ended up with punts going into and back out of the end zone to preserve ties. Then there was the best of three games series to decide the West winner. Teams just pounding each other up to 3 times in a playoff game. Imagine if Calgary and Saskatchewan had to play three games to determine the winner--- wow. The dressing rooms would look like morgues!!!

Actually it was 68-7 in the West semi-final. (PTSD distorts people's memories :oops:

Knew it would be the Eskimos.

ya that game was embarassing...

last game for Cal Murphy as a Coach. it was so bad.

They just set the record for the longest punk return in the playoffs, but I assume you missed that?
What the heck is a punk return?

RLR going home?

Yes it was bad.But having the Esk's admit that they cheated on their footwear by putting staples in their shoe's made it much more worse then it was.

Yes indeed, I remember one between the Ticats and Argos at Civic Stadium (pre-Ivor Wynne)...Dave Mann punted into the Hamilton endzone, maybe it was Cam Fraser punted it out, Mann got it and kicked it in again, and Faloney picked it up and ran the length of the field into the Argo endzone. It was called back for illegal blocking (no blocking on punt returns in those days) but wow, what a spectacle. I think the paper next day said someone actually had a heart attack watching it. :frowning:

In the East, the two-game total-point was the final. I also remember a couple of times when Russ Jackson's Rough Riders got a substantial lead in the first game, only to get blown out back in Hamilton on the second leg. Then I guess it was in 1968 the Riders got blowouts in both games; I think the aggregate was something like 72-17. That was the year Jackson and Liske duelled for the Grey Cup; great stuff.

I dont really get embarrassed by a local teams performance if they lose, I had nothing to do with it. Im just there watching and cheering and if they lose like that its a bit disappointing for sure but thats it. I guess if you were to be embarrassed by a local team I would think going decades without winning anything would be more embarrassing than a single game loss. Just guessing tho.

whatsalot- my point was that Lions fans deserved a better effort from players and coaches. Your defence was useless the last 5 games. Yet, not adjustments , no change of strategy. How disappointing and embarrassing for longtime supporting Lions fans. You deserved better. Sometimes scheme changes disguise weaker positional players. On paper, compare man for man Saskatchewan and The Lions. I might be so bold as to suggest the Lions have the better personnel but something was wrong with coaching schemes, personalities , individual play vs. team play and if I was a Lion fan I would be embarassed and mad. You loyal fans deserve better. Again, think about your defence inthe last 5 games. Time for changes is assist coaches and personnel on the Lions. You B.C. Lions fans deserve better. :thup:

It would have been nice if our D didn't fold tent and walk away so often.
Its really frustrating, we all know they CAN be great but are inconsistant at best! We lead the league in sacks yet can't keep pressure on any QB for any length of time.
At least we have a few bright spots to build on.

I agree that the D needs some adjusting, especially in the secondary but there are a few other issues. Biggest problem I saw was the O line, especially after Angus went down. Had Printers not been so mobile, the last few games would have been way worse. I take heart in knowing that the owner of this team wont stand for less than a decent competitive team and Buono isnt one to string together multiple poor seasons.

Agreed! And for the good of the CFL we all want the Lions to address these issues .

This is the only way to watch the Eastern Final highlights without crying, at least for Lions fans.

[url=http://james.nerdiphythesoul.com/bennyhillifier/?id=XlAQBX9MKM8]http://james.nerdiphythesoul.com/bennyh ... lAQBX9MKM8[/url]

It’s a punk returning a punt for a touchdown! LOL! :lol:

The "Benny Hillifier" is awesome....
maybe Als fans can use it Monday to watch the Highlights...
Going to the game...so excited...look for me in Sec W at Mcmahon
Goooooo Riders!!!!