was kenton keith released??

from what im getting from drew edwards it sounds like Kenton Keith was released..

Quick thoughts
Surprised by Guillory, Cohen and, to a lesser extent, Manning. Feel bad for Bekasiak. But the big news is Keith. Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone
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kenton has been placed on the 9 game injured list by the sounds of it,

so i guess were keeping both cobb and smith along with caulley for now

Not a smart move, we might as well keep him. His salary may be huge but having it come off the books now is pointless considering there is no high profile/priced players to sign.

Ahh, for christ sake!!! 9 game injured list!?!
Was really hoping to see that guy show us what he's capable of this year. Glad we're deep at that spot...still though.

Now are we kicking our selves for not re signing Jesse, Keith has not been impressive at all now he's injured, Caully has been injured more than Lumsedn was and i really dont like our chances with 2 small quick back ups in Smith and Cobb we need that strong runner to wear down the D and we wont have it this year. Now saying that I really hope they prove me wrong..

Good thing is Ebell is available if we need him.

8) Well since Keith has now been placed on the 9 game injury list, it is obvious that his "so called day to day " injured knee is much worse than the team is admitting !!
   Someone mentioned a week ago that Keith had torn ligaments and may require surgery.  

   Marcel said that the MRI that was performed on Keiths knee showed no serious damage and that he was day to day as far as getting back to practice !!!

   Well it is obvious now that it is  a rather significant injury , whatever the real truth is  !!!!      <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

Lets not go nuts here.
Injury lists are also used to list "injured" players to keep the roster size in check.

He's not a 100% obviously but dont know how much the "nine" game part is carved in stone.

8) Yes, I wouldn't be at all surprised at all if the Cats bring in Tyler Ebell for a look see now that keith is gone for a while !!!
   The Cats have now also brought back John  Williams Jr. for extra insurance at the RB position and Special Teams.

He cant play for at least nine games, dems the rules.

Jesse was not going to re-sign here, regardless of what he might say. They made many attempts to sign him. I'm not sure about Caulley being injured more than Jesse. I don't have the numbers but I'd put money on it that he played in more games than Jesse. He got injured towards the end of last season but he hasn't been injury prone on the Cats, although I am aware of his past knee problems.

I'm not worried. I have total confidence in Caulley. Nobody should be biting their finger nails over the running game, since Terry has been the starting back for this team for a while, despite being listed at number two officially. The running game will churn along as usual. Sure, we may not have amazing depth now, unless Cobb turns out to be extraordinary but our two back ups should be able to step in and have solid games if need be. Tre Smith is still a good running back and has the ability to break a big play now and then.

I was hoping to see Keith return to form as well but we should've known something would happen. Signing former stars from other teams, just doesn't work out for us. It is the kiss of death for the team and the player. New rule - no more big name free agents. The best players that have come out of this team so far have been no names before, or free agents who were back ups on their previous team.

8) The 9 game thing is carved in stone !!! As a added note to you, Kenton Keith is presently undergoing knee surgery as just reported on CHML !!!

Better get their money back on that MRI that said there was no damage.

Did they have Dr. Seuss look at the MRI??

Interested in taking up 2 spots on the 9 game, are you??

8) It was probably done in Buffalo :wink:
 Yes, the doctor was Marcel who read the MRI  wrong  !!!!      <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

haha, that made me laugh :smiley:

Last year I believe a change was made so that in some rare circumstances
a player on the nine day injured list could be returned to the main roster early.

Can anybody back me up on this?

Not just Ebell, but A.J. Harris is available too. He's a Terry Cauller type back, heavily underrated Import RB.

8) We are talking 9 game injury list Ron, not 9 day.
  Besides with Keith now having surgery, he will be out of action for at least 9 games or maybe more  !!