Was Kenton Keith really that good?

I was just browsing through some old numbers on this site.

It shows KK rushed for over 2,300 yards one year.
It also shows him over 2,000 rushing and over 1,000 yards receiving with over 100 catches in another season.

I had no idea he was that productive with Saskatchewan.
Let's see what you have this week Kenton!!!
Show us your stuff.

A player is as good as his other supporting players. KK will in all likihood has the players around him to succeed. That will require Marcel and Obie to upgrade the OLine with a few monsters.

That's definately a mistake, he never led the league in rushing in any of his years with Saskatchewan. He led the league in yard per carry I believe. All his stats are completely out to lunch on cfl.ca.

2003: 102 rushes 709 yds - 7.0ypc. - 20 catches 142 yds
2004: 190 rushes 1154 yds - 6.1ypc. - 29 catches 295 yds
2005: 151 rushes 911 yds - 6.0ypc. - 25 catches 228 yds
2006: 167 rushes 1037 yds - 6.2ypc. - 52 catches 513 yds

Keith is a great player, but those stats are way wrong. FYI, there have been problems with the HTML version of the CFL stats all year.

The Ticats player page (http://ticats.ca/roster/show/id/2042) shows Keith with 380 carries for 2308 yards in 2004. According to Keith's personal site (http://www.kentonkeith.com/career.html), Keith broke the 1000 yard barrier in week 16 of 2004. This doesn't jibe with the numbers on the Ticats page, as it would mean that Keith rushed for over 1000 yards in the final two games.

Bo could have done it. :smiley:

If KK has a hole to run through, he will make people miss after that. Obie’s mission for next year, besides completely rebuilding the D-Line, should be to draft/sign free agents to open those holes for KK. The O-Line we have right now is just not good enough.

KK was also sharing spot duty with one Mr Cory Holmes as well throughout those years.