Was Jurineack suspended?

I thought I heard a report today that Jurineack was suspended for a hit on Eric Crouch. Did I hear right, get the story wrong or just plain have a Marty York hallucination?

Yeah he is suspended for one game I heard on sportsnet.

No, I heard it too and it's supposedly true. If indeed it is the case it's the biggest pile of crap I've heard in a long time.

For those who didn't see the hit Jurineack was in pursuit of Argo QB Eric Crouch who was bootlegging out to the right, as Jurineack closed in on Crouch, Crouch pitched the ball back to the runningback as an option, just after Crouch finished the pitch back he was hit by Jurineack. The hit was not overly late Jurineack still thought Crouch had the ball and even if Jurineack knew Crouch didn't have the ball he was moving at such a speed he couldn't slow down enough to avoid contact with Crouch anyway. Ridiculous...

The fact that all these suspensions and fines are happening on plays that the refs have not even been throwing flags on goes to show you the ineptitude of the CFL on many levels. This all seems very bush.

yea i heard that too..and i knew he would get a fine or suspended cuz his hit was almost worse even tho the helmet didnt come off

Well maybe Riders will just have to re-think their tactics. You can't just go out trying to injure opposing QB's and then play stupid . Hopefully more suspensions won't be nessasary.

This only proves to me there are many smart Lion fans out there! :lol:

that is the most uneducated opinion i have read since joining this forum....

Read my other post on this issue, in a nutshell the fines/suspensions are BS and this league needs to keep in mind they are a tackle football league and not flag football....

the hit on Crouch was questionable as far as whether or not it should be a 15 yard penalty, there was no flag.... but suspension... definitly not!

Schultz hit... absolute league being pathetic... so he hit him and his lid popped off... thats worth a fine... im sorry thats BS... there was no intent to hit helmet to helmet, Schultz is not a carl kidd type player... he is a vet, not a rookie jerk

im a rider fan and i actually agree with the suspension to tell you the truth, crouch pitched the ball off and jurineak look like he head butted him in the head and crouch fell to the ground, he could have avoided that..instead of headbutting his helmet he could have just went for the body?

Thank you stadw0n306 for your honest opinion.

Like i said before, leagues got to start protecting qbs from these sorts of questionable hits.

Shirley needs to take off her homer glasses.

Nobody has suggested that Shultz is a dirty player or that he had any intention of injuring Wynn. At the speed of the game these things happen. For all I know it could have happened because Wynn tried to dock. That could explain why the Toronto players never reacted. Guess what they are trying to say is "Be more carefull how you do it."

What concers me more is the fact two of three happened in the open where the ref had a clear view of the action yet were unable to make the call. However, they seem to be able to see through a gazillion guys on a run back and call holding or illegal blocking on just about every play.

some would say that about leo' fans.... but in your posts at the bottom red....is Henry actually saying 'don't hit me under the chin with your lid'.... i know not funny.......i think the cheap-shots on qbs. have to be watched closely...there have been some helllacious hits for sure....but the game is tough...and sometimes the pendulum swings too far ...i think the refs. are doing their best with what is a very tough call sometimes.. :?

Guess I was too critical of the refs. With the league correcting the errors the system seems to work. So, that is my last take on that subject.

....plain to see you didn't see the replay, the hit wasn't late, it was grille to grille and therefore a good call......

i am confused. Are you actually standing up for the Riders in this case or do you mean the suspension was a good call. I personally think it was deserving of a penalty. A flag was thrown and I thought for sure it was a late hit, but it ended up being holding against TO. But I don't think the suspension was warranted. I thought it was late, but not intentionally dirty.

As an aside, if the league is suddenly all about post game punishment, why has the stamp who tackled Joseph after the play was whistled dead for a time count violation not punished. I don't think that was a dirty hit either because it looked as though he tried to cushion the blow with his hands, but the play was whistled dead before even starting and he blew through the line untouched and tackled Joseph. They should at the very least spread the BS evenly if that is the road they are taking.

Go Riders!!

well maybe they should start fining and suspending refs for missed calls :wink: IMO i think its a pile of BS!! calling suspenions or fines after the fact especially IF the Toronto didnt ask for a review :expressionless:

…not standing up for the riders, at least not this week…Jeremy said hte call was BS because it was a late hit, it wasn’t the lateness of the hit that got the suspension, it was the beak-to-beak nature of the hit…at least that was what my TV sports dude related to me this morning…

…why all of a sudden the post game punishment?..I don’t know Dr., maybe the league reviewed it during the Wynn hit and decided it was punishable…maybe TO complained after the game…

I am not just referring to this game. TO had a player sitting out for an incident against Winnipeg. I am just not a fan of this new system of post-game punishment. BUT if it is going to occur.... it should occur evenly for all teams. That is why I brought up the Joseph hit. It was waayyyyyy late and no call was made, SO why did the league not intervene. May not have been helmet to helmet or whatever, but it was by far the most avoidable hit I have ever seen. Don't get me wrong, I don't think it was dirty. I just don't like where this is going.

Go Riders!!

You know I'm a little surprised no one mentioned that Wynn's chinstrap obviously wasn't done up, or if it was it wasn't fitted properly at all. Anyone who's ever worn a properly fitted Football helmet knows darn well that if the chinstraps done up it's not going anywhere unless your head comes off with it. If Wynn would've had his helmet on properly it wouldn't have come off and his injuries likely would've been minimal if not non-existant.

alot of the football players like it loose tho, i remember last year alot..cory holmes helmet would always come off and on some of the smallest hits even, i know that the helmets should be worn properly, but thats there choice i guess, however it feels for them should be good enough for them even if is more injury prone, thats there own fault.