Was it a CFL game?

several Shotgun Draw plays, Washington ran 4 or 5 consecutive, scoring on 1 . Then the Giants tried it and made some yds, AND Madden decided it was a good play LMAO CFL is 20 years ahead -IMHO Had those plays been run on cfl D,s they all would have been stuffed Like a Christmas Turkey :cowboy:

And if it weren't for the CFL, we still might not see 6'0" Drew Brees in the NFL or black quarterbacks.
Teams like the Packers and Pats and Colts using multiple receiver sets with no running back, the CFL was doing years ago. Not that these teams abandon the run, no way, but they use more creative passing plays than many teams.

Perhaps we should invite Madden up to watch a game?

Ah yes Madden. I don't think he likes or maybe respects is a better word, Canadians playing football so I'm sure he'd just be grumpy watching a game here.

well what u mean the pistol offense or shot gun zone read isnt going to take you to the super bowl it may win the grey cup but offense of styles in the cfl are way different than the nfl…

Remember sandusky, you have an extra down to work with on every possession which makes the NFL game much easier IMHO, it's not as tough as trying to make a first down with just 3 downs regardless of the field size or other CFL rules. CFL is just a more difficult game you have to admit eh bud?

I don't think it's necessarily harder. Just...different.

A bigger area to cover, but one more player to do it with.

One less down, but the offense benefits from the one-yard zone.

I'm a Redskins fan (I really know how to pick 'em, eh?) so I watched that game from the begining. I recall Madden commenting on the play being successful (because other running plays weren't really accomplishing much), but not to the effect that it was some kind of great innovation or anything.

I also don't believe that the Redskins ran it from the shotgun too often. Madden's wrong about that.

hooked on phonics worked for me.

LOL funny stuff funny stuff

re-I also don't believe that the Redskins ran it from the shotgun too often. Madden's wrong about that.------John Riggins doesn't count lol- He could have acknowledged the CFl but NO :roll:

Obviously I was referring to that specific game. They did not run that play from the shotgun against the Giants. I don't recall if it there was another back with Portis, but Collins started the play from under center.

And why would he acknowledge the CFL? The NFL has been using that play for ages as well. They even showed footage of Paul Brown's Bengals using it before Montana and Craig used it for the 49ers. I don't know that there's clear evidence that the CFL came up with it first.

Worth a shot!



i didnt see the footage your talking about, Obviously the play has been around for eons, -statue of liberty etc- but the way it was run in that game WAS not done in a typical NFL style Offence -IMHo- And the Giants D was PATHETIC.

One bad series buddy, still one of the best defense's n the NFL, and definetely the best pass rush over the last few years.