Was Hunter's a Winnipeg based chip company?

Was Hunter's a Winnipeg based chip company?

I've long thought this was the case since I got a set of Hunter's Dog coins out of Winnipeg and 1963 CFL coins of the Blue Bombers with the Hunter's brand name on the back are very common. But Hunter's branded Argonauts, Rough Riders, Tiger-Cats and Alouettes are also common while there seem to be no Hunter's branded Eskimos, Stampeders or Lions. This would be very strange for a Winnipeg based company since the Blue Bombers were in the Western Conference.

Moreover I've received blank looks from those dealers and Winnipeg residents I've asked about Hunter's. Do any of you Winnipeg fellows even recall Hunter's Potato Chips being sold in Winnipeg?


The Hunter's in Dubai is a different company from the one in whose chips the 1963 CFL coins were included.



Personally I don't remember hunter's in Winnipeg, but I found this.

Hunter/ Nalley's

The Hunters Potato Chip company were based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. This company also disappeared in the sixties. 1963 CFL Nalley's Coins (160 coin set)


Yes, I found that as well. But!!! I can't shake the suspicion that I'm the source of perhaps the misinformation that Hunter's was based in Winnipeg. I believe I told Andy Malycky that Hunter's was a Winnipeg company when he contacted me for whatever information I could provide on the 1963 CFL coins and whatever else when he was writing his Collecting Canadian Football book. That information about Hunter's is in his book.

But I've still not been able to find anyone who remember Hunter's Potato Chips in Winnipeg or anywhere else. Even more disturbing is this early Humpty Dumpty Potato Chip bag advertising the 1963 CFL coins free inside:

Note that Humpty Dumpty was advertising the four Eastern Conference teams plus the Winnipeg Blue Bombers who were the two time defending Grey Cup champions. This made sense since Humpty Dumpty produced chips in Montréal and Toronto at the time. But why would Hunter's have produced coins for exactly those five and only those five teams if the company was based in Winnipeg? This leads me to suspect that Hunter's was based perhaps in northern Ontario. In any event I doubt very much that it was based anywhere in southwestern Ontario since I don't remember Hunter's chips at all nor have I encountered anybody who does.

Here's a picture of the back of a 1963 Hunter's CFL coin:

Here as well are pictures of a few of my other Hunter's coins front and back:

Here's what's written on the backs:



So I'm wondering now whether I was wrong about Hunter's being in Winnipeg. What really bothers me is that everybody could be copying misinformation originating from me!


My memory is a bit of a mess but - posting pictures - brings back memories. Those coins (and others) were pretty universal "collectible" add ins for many brands.

Coins were released under both brands.

So it does indeed seem as if Hunter's was based in Winnipeg. I managed to get in touch with Andy Malycky and he emailed me this ad from the 14 September 1963 Winnipeg Blue Bomber program promoting the 1963 Hunter's CFL coins:

That looks like Herb Gray or perhaps Norm Rauhaus on the left of the picture and Bud Grant on the right.

I also found a Hunter's Manufacturing Co. Limited at 85 Lombard Street in Winnipeg in the "Miscellaneous Food Industries" section of Statistic Canada's Annual Census of Manufacturers for 1963. Perhaps a strange name for a chip company but I found their name as well among Canada's cheese producers in 1942.

What puzzles me though is that I still haven't come across anyone from Winnipeg who remembers Hunter's Potato Chips. Very strange.


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I tried a street view of 85 Lombard St. That address is no longer in existence. However I did find an ad in a Jewish newspaper....I was unable to copy & paste.

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Is it possible that Hunter made chips for Nalley and didn't brand anything? I reached out to the Toga Chip Guy. Maybe you have already as well. He has lots of potato chip history but no mention of Hunters.

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From what year is the ad? What does the ad say about Hunter's? Does it mention potato chips?


Nalley's was based in Tacoma, Washington and produced/sold potato chips in British Columbia and Alberta at the time but I'm not sure Nalley's sold chips as far east as Manitoba in 1963. Perhaps one of you fellows remembers and can tell me.

In any event, I see no reason why Nalley's would have needed Hunter's to produce chips nor would it have made sense for Hunter's to produce a competing brand of chips for the Manitoba market.

Toga Chip Guy? Thanks for the tip. I'll look him up because I have several other chip related questions of my own.


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Unfortunately I'm tec challenged, I can't find it today. It was a image of an older Jewish newspaper it mentioned Hunter's potato chips & Winnipeg

I just found this letter from Hunter's


Winnipeg, MB. 1946 Multicoloured Advertising Cover. Hunter's MFG. Canada
Regular price$25.00

Winnipeg, MB. 1946 Multicoloured Advertising Cover. Hunter's Manufacturing Co. Canada.

Newspaper ad in "The_Isrealite_Press_January_26_1962_P_7(English).pdf"

That letter though is the evidence we need to confirm that it was the Hunter's Manufacturing Co. of Winnipeg that produced Hunter's Potato Chips!


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Here it is:



That's the one.