Was DJ Flick a jerk in the Hamilton game

In one of the other threads, it seems DJ Flick was accused of doing something jerkish. Does anyone know this incident?

YES !!!

Flick mocked the Oskee wee wee cheer in the end zone after scoring a TD. Normally, us fans wouldn't care and it would roll right off our back. But before the game, Flick had said that he feels sorry for the fans of Hamilton, and that he liked playing here.

Then he goes and does that...

thank you, not that I know what an Oskee wee wee cheer is.


Oskee Wee Wee
Oskee Wa Wa
Holy Mackinaw!
Tigers, Eat em Raw!!

is the cheer for the Hamilton Tiger Cats and has been since the '20s.

It was first started in U.S. College games and made its way up to Canada and the Hamilton Tigers (soon to be merged with the Wildcats... hence, Tiger Cats).

It is still used by UC Berkeley and other small U.S. schools, only slightly different versions.

Cool cheer...nice history and not some over-produced song from the 60's or 70's.


Flicks Flick...he's allowed to have an opinion, no?


Sure everyone is entitled to an opinion. How you express that opinion is up to you.

What F did was disrespectful of the Ticats and their fans. I was surprised someone (anyone) didn't take a fifteen yarder and knock him on his keyster while he was doing it. I'm not sure if he would have, but I like to think Hitch would've done it if he was still on the team. Failing that, certainly some retribution is in order at the next game. We shall see....

I guess when your team is 2-13 and about to go to 2-14, you need something else to b-itch about. Flick did it in the heat of the moment, and he DID apologize later. End of story.

He get his come up'ins Sunday in the Rematch

Sticks and stones....Sticks and stones....

Be the bigger man and take a deep breath when someone is makin fun of you dude.


Excuse me while I take a moment to regain my composure after laughing.


Anyway, why don't you get Armstead to sing "On Roughriders" if he scores.
That should even things up....

And it'll be funny......

This is from the post in the Rider forum... This is how I feel about it and this was my response to Onknight:

Wow dude. Chill out. Remember Terrell Owens as a 49er in Dallas? He is a Cowboy now... Or How about in Baltimore as an Eagle mocking Ray Lewis? Or Chad Johnson jumping into the Dawg Pound in Cleveland? It's really not that big of a deal. Calm down. Its not the end of the world... Life will go on, the sun will set tonight and rise tomorrow. Casey Printers will get healhty. The Riders will win on Sunday....AGAIN!

And a good post it was, Jman.
Not sure about the "Casey Printers will get healthy" part, but the rest was sound....

I guess the first half dozen threads on this didn't give it enough air time.

As someone on the Rider forum suggested, don't be surprised if the Ti-cats hear a few renditions of Oski Wee Wee everytime the Riders score this weekend...

I know I'll be singing...

Why am I haveing flashbacks to the “Banjo Bowl” and how that got started haha.

cry cry cry.... All that matters is that the Riders won! bottom line.

Everyone knows that the Riders lack of success is the CFL's biggest joke.

A team that's won 2 Grey Cups in 97 years is not something to be proud of. Sure my team has been in the crapper for the last few years, but at least we won a Grey Cup just 8 years ago. Your team hasn't even hosted a PLAYOFF game since 1988. I agree with you, "All that matters is the Riders won! bottom line".

If this makes your blood boil at all (and I think it might) just look take the advice from earlier in this thread and lighten up:

[b]Sticks and stones....Sticks and stones....

Be the bigger man and take a deep breath when someone is makin fun of you dude.[/b]

:lol: :lol: :lol: