Was digging through an old box and

...I found this.

$23 was a lot of money for me in those days. That was as much at 7 beers at Rooster's pub at Carleton U! But, I got to see the Eskies win, and I think that was Wilkie's last game. Waddell Smith was an awesome receiver, and Moon was just beginning to really shine.


88 Dollars in todays money...

neat. I think you said you are from Edmonton. When have last been to E? Sure has changed for the better hey?

edit I made a wrong quote. I meant repaege

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Wilkie was with the Eskimos for two more seasons. It was the last GC he started, but he played a huge role off the bench in the 1981 game.

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I had the exact same style ticket stub but it was for the previous years Grey Cup in 1978 in Toronto . Sadly though the stub is long gone but if I do remember correctly the cost point of $23.00 dollars was around the same give a buck or two of what I paid for my ticket .


I have a 76 Grey Cup stub the same style ticket from CNE in one of my boxes .

Around 25 bones as well .

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Yeah, right you are. Thanks for that. I remember I had a devil of a time watching games in those days. I was very poor, and I'm not sure we even had a TV at the old student house I lived in in Centre Town in Ottawa. In fact, I distinctly recall having to go to the bus station to watch a game, and being very sad that I was thrown out before the game was actually over. I mostly missed a good three or four seasons because of that.

The Voyageur Bus Terminal on Catherine with coin TV's ?

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Not sure about ro, but I was last in Edmonton for the 2010 GC, where the Als beat the 'riders 21-18. It was hugely different, at least in appearance, than it was when I last lived there in 1977. The weather about the same, though :smirk:
My nephew took me to this awesome hidden Korean pizza grotto around Whyte Ave and 99 St.

Yeah sorry I was trying to quote you.

Bulgoki (sp) resty. Great spot. Been there forever.

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I also bought Lone Wolf there. Sadly, and some might agree, my head has gotten bigger over the years and it no longer fits me, even though it's extra large :neutral_face: