Was Casey hurting?

I was down at the game and it just seemed to me that Casey could have taken off with the ball a few times but didn't. The big difference this week from last week was that he wasn't challenging the defence with his running ability today. For sure the second and two with a minute and a half to go, Casey would have faked that to Jesse and taken off with it. :cowboy:

On one play (the roughing call against the Riders on Printers), Rick and Ron said on CHML that Casey was slow getting up off the carpet. Not sure if that hit took an additional toll on Casey for the rest of the game.

Oski Wee Wee,

I think the safe play was handing it off to Lumsden in that 2nd and 2 situation. How many times was he stopped for less than 5 yards all game? You don't want your QB taking a big hit and risking a fumble at that stage in the game.

Very early in the game Casey took a huge hit that might have hurt him. He didn't seem himself this game and those hits may have been the reason. He'll bounce back. He is the real deal.


And that's exactly where Saskatchewan earned the win.

Hey Billy Dee, I got to agree with you. He certainly didn't seem the same today. There were many plays that he could've taken off but didn't. Just seemed very hesitant out there today. I also noticed he seemed hurry some of his throws out there.
Hopefully he's ok for Calgary. :cowboy:

if he is hurt AGAIN, I am ripping the rest of my tickets up

Yea i noticed he seemed a bit off during the game after he got hit on the run.

Lookie up....knowing Casey, he'll be back.
Although, if he is a little sore maybe bring Richie in for some plays...he's got the quick feet too. :cowboy:

People he looked a little hurt, but it was clear the qb and receivers were slightly off. Don't worry they will bounce back, but people the receivers have got to assist in making plays and not even a robt can stay on point while running for their life or taking big hits...Face it as good as Casey is he is a mere mortal!!!!! Durant, may have been hit 1 time all freakin night long.

You should watch the game again, Durant got hit many times after he released the ball.

Not sure if he was hurt coming in if that's what you mean. He got a little banged up near the end. I don't think he underutilized his running because last week it was the game plan. He scrambled a fair bit today and yes he could've taken off with it a few times but he chose to look downfield and throw. He's always done that and it's one of the things I like about him. When he runs, it's to avoid pressure and he's always looking downfield and is remarkably successful throwing on the run. Many times he breaks containment and runs laterally along the line of scrimmage looking for a receiver and usually finds one. I didn't really notice anything different in his style of play today.

Several times the TV feed showed him limping slightly and moving with a bit of difficulty on the sidelines.

I thought he was off most of the day. Should have pulled it back on that 2nd and 2 in the 4th quarter and taken off himself. Decisions like that should come with his experience. Wasn't sure why most of his passes were into the feet of the receivers either.

I'm pretty sure that was on our first offensive series and he stood there for a minute with his head down. I thought right then that he might be a little shaken up. I'm sure he'll be fine.

Hurting for sure but hopefully just a bruise and not a bad strain or that.

I posted on another thread last week that I saw Casey at the Jarvis Street offices on Tuesday with his right arm in a sling.
Maybe he was not healed properly and was re-injured during the game.
His arm strength was a lot better than I expected at the beginning of the game but his accuracy was off.

He wasn't at his best last game ,he missed several wide open receivers.A couple for probable tds.Also as stated he had trouble throwing down field.The receivers had to stop and go back and fight for the ball.