was bekasiak a bad pick last year at the draft?

We expected him to make an impact on D, and now we're converting him to an offensive lineman? Doesn't that mean our coaches underestimated or misinterpreted his supposed talents?

No, it takes people time to adapt to the CFL. Some come along faster than others. A great example is Mike Morreale. He was drafted by BC, and cut in training camp, sat out the year, signed with the Argos and played special teams. The Cats got him and he turned out to be an amazing player.

This does not mean he is a bad player. He will be good, one day, but more than likely not with the Cats.

The other way he could turn, is to be like Ryan Donnelly. A career back up.

bekasiak —Another taaffe gaff??-- he was Highly rated going into last years camp hopefully he can adapt to r.t

Taaffe gaff, or Desjardin gaff??

I think the drafting falls on the GMs lap.

He certainly didn't work out like I thought he would. Maybe he wasn't given enough of a chance.. I don't know.

I think that maybe he is too big to have enough speed for DT. Hopefully he will make a better OT.

The guy has only had limited time in one season.

I don't know if you guys were spoiled with Lumsden or what, but most players coming out of the draft are not ready to be CFL superstars.

Give him some time.

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Many linemen take years at the pro level to find the groove necessary to excel. In J.P.'s case, I would point to Mike Philbrick’s development as an object lesson since that is where I see Bekasiak ideally going given his skill set as a DL. The point is that Mike didn’t slackjaw many observers right away…and J.P. didn’t either considering the M.O. employed by the defence last year and the situations he was asked to play within.

Some guys are readily adaptable to switching sides of the line. The most famous case for the Cats would be John Barrow, who had multiple all-star nominations as an O-lineman (playing BOTH sides of the ball no less!) as he transitioned to becoming a full-time defensive legend as his career progressed. Having burst off the line, agility with the hips to steer the opponent when engaged, and ability to set one’s hands to maneuver successfully (e.g. the speed to make a swim move on D or make an effective block on the O): they are shared skill sets for interior linemen.

It’s not a case of misreading his talents as much as recognizing that he is potentially adaptable, especially given his size. It’s one of the reasons why at the N.Y. Jets camp last year he was tried out as a O-lineman.

Oski Wee Wee,

Peter Giftopolis was also a successful (at least for a couple seasons at the end of his career) convert to O-line.

He was 240lbs at the end of the 93 season when they asked him to gain weight and switch to guard. He came into the 94 camp at around 260-265 and by mid season was starting the odd game at RG. I saw him use his former LB skills to lay out a few guys on run blocking.

What other first year player really shone last year for the Cats.

Setta, and Moreno

I know Bauman had the dropsies, but he also made some highlight reel catches.

I can't even remember seeing Bekesiak on the field in 2007, to be honest with you.

I should of said Canadian players.

Don't forget Terry Caulley

Bekasiak got limited playing time on the D last year - he didn't do much to impress when he was in IMO, but the little bit of playing time he got isn't enough to go on and plus he could really improve with his 1st year of pro experience under his belt now - the example of Philbrick is a good one and I cited it before - he was not a star in first season or two in the league but he became a top notch DT. Bekasiak might develop into another good DT - he has the size and he was a good starter in DI US college ball on the D-line plus put up some very good testing numbers at the CFL evaluation camp - strong & quick. And the notion of converting him to the O-line is iffy bordering on a joke IMO - maybe if the team was desperate for some NI O-linemen, they might consider the move, but hardly the case - the team has some good starting O-linemen now, and some young prospects they've drafted already on the roster, plus a large number of good O-line prospects are available in the upcoming draft.

Bekasiak should be given another chance to show what he can do at a position he has been trained at. Putting him to O-line because that's where some team "thinker" better sees NIs play might happen though - wouldn't surprise me at all, just like last place wouldn't either. Hopefully there's some much needed real competition for the DT jobs and playing time; and not some mediocre import DT handed a starting job because it's ASSumed they should be there.

Maybe the Bekasiak switch means they like
DT Keith Shologan at #1

Well have yet to see if he was bust.
Ask me next year.

Chat Chat by Kenny Peters has him move to the OL


Canadian defensive lineman J.P. Bekasiak will be converted into an offensive lineman.
The question to you? Is it enough at this point

the guy is built for the o-line. he's a beast at 6'6 and 300 pounds. i also think Dyakowski could make a decent tackle, we already have a solid interior with Hage, Marcouex and Hudson.

Peter had Problems with the Speed at Tackle.
He is a Better guard then Tackle at this point

Has this switch for Bekasiak been confirmed by Obie or Taafe or anyone? - maybe they're just mulling over the possiblity at this point? - guess we'll have to wait till TC starts to find out; who amongst current roster O-linemen (not to mention draft pick possibles) is going to get cut to allow Bekasiak a chance to "develop" as an O-linemen?

I watched Bekasiak play last year.He has a strong bull rush and often plugged the middle up so the linebackers could make the tackles. He could develop into a fine O Lineman or be a valuable swing man who could fill in on either side of the ball. I think he has the strength and quick feet to succeed.Getting Bauman and Bekasiak last year was Marcel at his best.
In regards to the upcoming draft,I find Obie's comments fascinating. The man is setting up such a smoke screen that the other clubs can't have a clue what the Cats will do with the number 1 pick. Obie is praising every prospect without giving away his hand.I love this game behind the game.
Pat Lynch (the old guy in section 7 )