Was away for a month

the last I posted I got scolded for not knowing anything about football with regards to our new qb Jeff. Well since I was gone lets see where the Cats are at.

  1. Beat Sask at home - worst tem in the league

  2. Beat Montreal with a plus 3 or 4 in the turnover battle plus an opposing offense that had their new starting qb (glenn) for 2 practices. I believe led the team to 1 TD

  3. Destroyed in BC, fumbles/ interceptions / sacks, had 3 to 4 seconds to throw on many of the sacks but refuses to throw it away or actually lose the statue pose and run

  4. Today, back in my regular seat, 2 redzone picks, another fumble, sacks building up as the statue will not move.

They would be better off handing the ball off twice then punting and hope the D or special teams can score points.

As I stated a month ago, having an inexperience backup is Austins fatal flaw.

with a special season with special teams and d putting up great numbers it is wasted effort.

Careful you don't break your arm patting yourself on the back!

What is your point?

I agree Matthews does not have the skill set for pro ball. Too slow, poor decision making, does not make good reads, gives up too many int's especially in red zone. The point is totally understood.

My point? When I last posted the majority of responses was I am an idiot and Ken knew what he was doing.

The rookie qbs in this league have running in their portfolio ie.. the BC qb. the Cats went with Mathews.

That hardly seems fair. I'd say you're a genius for predicting that the loss of Collaros would hurt the Cats' chances in 2015. No one else on this board saw that one coming.

I guess the majority was right then. By the way, who's Ken?

Could be a new quarterbacking prospect? Hopefully he's on our neg list.

i am sorry it should have been kent. Issue is, the starting QB (who is also in his only 19th/20th start) does not have a backup that can win. You should have at least one qb that has some experience to if the starting qb get injured. Odds are very high the QB will not get injured over 18 games an the next man up has to produce. This team doesnt have that. Austins rants are getting old, do whats best for the team, which is not your proto typical NFL big guy standing in the pocket fore 3.4.5 seconds. There is no backup plan. Only 2 teams have started the same qb going into the last week of the season

As a reward to yourself, you should take another month off.