Has the CBC stated the criteria for the Warrior of the year?

Seems to me that they should have at least had to win warrior of the game!

what if the person voted on has been a consistant runner up to different people?

Barrin Simpson, has had the biggest impact of any player on his team this year. Without him the Bomber defence is almost as bad as last year plus he has 16 more tackles than anyone else in the league.

Here are the stat lines for the defensive players, Simpson, Johnson, and Perry

2 fumble recoveries
2 forced fumbles
3 sacks
92 tackles
1 tackle for loss for 1 yard
1 interception
2 pass knockdowns
0 touchdowns

2 fumble recoveries
0 forced fumbles
15 sacks
14 tackles
3 tackles for losses for 6 yards
2 interception
5 pass knockdowns
2 td's (receiving)

2 fumble recoveries
2 forced fumbles
13 sacks
42 tackles
8 tackles for losses for 27 yards
1 interception
6 pass knockdowns
1 td (fumble recovery)

....hmmm, a pretty good case for Simpson....

92 tackles for Simpson makes quite the case for him as does Perry's 42 tackles with 8 of them being for losses (total of 21 tackles for losses).