CBC wants to know who the WARRIOR of the year should be. Who's your pick?

…Johnson or Perry, leaning towards Johnson…

…geez, never knew this but Burris has won it three times, more than anyone else…

I would give it to Johnson that guy never gets fed by the way he plays! The coach tells him that the QB has the food and well you know the result!

This may be some homerism but I would give it to Perry. He seems to be always around the ball, no matter where it is. He's two behind Johnson in sacks right now but he is leading him in tackles 42-14. That's quite a margin.

I dont care who the warrior is, I just want to win the truck :thup: :rockin:

Korey Banks...what a gangster!

Geroy... for shutting up Trick and Hopeless then backing up his statement... Lets hope they follow suit and play good Ole down home smash mouth football..Until they do ..Ive jumped off the Stumps bandwagon and will cheer for the Lions should the Riders faulter

Ricky Williams

Brent Johnson most dominant defensive player around

Ricky Ray, he's been hit hard all year long b/c of the shitty o-line the esks have, but he hasn't missed a game. This is basically the first year he's scrambled with the ball, has taken some big hits, and is the 3rd leading qb in terms of rushing yardage(if I recall correctly).

I have to agree with Roughy.. how many times do you see Perry knocking down a pass or tackling up field...his stats reflect that.. Not taking anything away from Johnson...but I would take 30 more tackles than 2 sacks anyday.

Sir Charles or Joffery Reynolds.

prolly someone from Winnipeg :roll: :stuck_out_tongue:

Alfred E. Newman!!!

I believe the top three runner-ups are all from BC:

  1. Brent Johnson

  2. Geroy Simon

  3. Barron Miles

  4. Barrin Simpson

  5. Fred Perry

  6. Joffrey Reynolds

I would say Brent Johnson as well.
Besides the 15 sacks, he's also got 2 fumble recoveries, 2 interceptions and 2 TD's.

Stats aside, I might be inclined to say Brian Clark or Singor Mobley

Yep, I agree....Johnson does it all. He gets my vote, hands down.

Joffrey Reynolds

My Nominee for Warriro of the year.........

The envelope please............


Anyone that has to listen to Walby confuse Ricky Ray and Ricky Williams has got to be a warrior.

Actually, my nominee is Mrs Walby, who has to listen to him on a daily basis.

Okay back to reality.

Brent Johnson