Warrier of the Game

OK who is the real warrior of the Game?

the camera man he couldnt look away

so true the poor basta**, hate to see how his/her kids turn out...

Warrior of the game is each and every Ticat fan that sits through the entire game waiting for something positive to happen. You get your hopes up each game, thinking, this is the game that's going to turn the season around. You come out scratching your head wondering what the hell just happened.

I agree 100%

How about the train-load of Ti-Cat fans that went to the game?

Thank God for the bar car, its at least a four beer trip!!! Maybe five, but then again just pour us off the train when we get home.

8) It's pretty obvious at this point that this joke season is not going to turn around at all !!!

As bad as the Cats have been, they are a couple of plays away each game from turning a loss into a win. Had they put the ball in the endzone the 3 times they were in the redzone tonight, it could have been a different game. That's why fans will continue to watch.

8) I wouldn't waste my money or time to go to any away game to watch this crap !!!! It's bad enough to have to sit and watch our home games now !!!!!

Yah real bad, I would ask Bob for a refund

I met a lot of great people, which gives one a measure of comfort being in a far flung outpost of Ticat Nation.

Thankfully all I had to do was catch a bus back to my place. That is going to be one LONG train ride back...

Oski Wee Wee,

So True Russ So True
I Went Last year.
This year I had a Ticket and I had to Return it.

Let Just Say Fate Step in and Kept me from a Long Ride home.

sighhhhhhhh.... I am now regretting my decision to go ahead and book a trip to Winnipeg just to attend the game there. That's a few hundred bucks I could use for much more entertaining events. Or I could just flush it down a toilet. At least the would be entertaining for a few seconds.

Hey Guys,

As bad as this season has been, Were only 1 win from being tied with T.O!!! :thup:

Gotta give it to the "Train" Fans with an honorable mention to Russ! At least being there you guys had someone to cry in your beer with. I had to put a "Do Not Enter" sign on the rec room door so none of the kids would accidentally hear the profanity or the crying :lol: