Warren Muzika, former Ticat up on Assualt charges

Just read this in today's paper, and saw it on the noon news. Former Ticat and U of S Huskie was suspended from his Teaching Job because he has been charged with Assualt. He has been accused of being one of 3 people who decided to punch a guy in his head a few times while he was just standing there doing nothing at beily's pub in Saskatoon. The guy was bruised and had a mild concussion. he bar manager said it was a quick thing and was completely unprovoked. I don't know Muzika, but I have heard MANY stories about him and his bouncing days at the Pat or the Sutherland, from friends and family. The guy is apparently a complete prick, and I for one think this was a complete prick thing to do. I know one of my brothers friends once accused him of assualt once as well, so it's not like this is new. If he did this, innocent before proven guilty and all, I don't want him teaching high school, or coaching football (he coaches the local CJFL team).
Just an update on a former CFLer. Figured maybe someone in Hamilton might be interested.

I have been witness to many of Mr. Muzika's brawls in Saskatoon. I was standing right beside him when he dropped a guy with one punch at the Pat. He doesn't fool around he gets 'er done quick.