Warren Moon's thoughts on Vince Young signing with Riders.

Oh yeah! 3-4 locked threads sounds right. Johnny predicts this one will be locked before noon eastern time Sunday... :smiley:

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Who are these phantom Rider fans that claim the Riders will have a dynasty with Vince at the helm ? Don't recall seen that any where.

I think that cheater must have cheated in school, because they have the grammar of a 5 year old.

Pretty sure distinguishing between plural and singular was also part of the English/Grammar course. :oops:

Sooo, let me see if I've got this correct. Rider fans are obsessed with Vince Young threads yet 2 of 3 are started by non Rider fans, and the total posts of Rider fans in those threads are 28%. with 72% from other. Seems the obsession thing is lacking with you. Once you can learn to give it a rest I'm sure it will go away. :smiley:

In the CBC article they spoke to in my opinion the top 3 QB's who transitioned from the NFL to cfl game. I think all made good points and I agree VY has a ton of talent if he can learn the CFL game and keep his head on straight he can be very successful up here.

In my opinion Warren Moon is the best QB Ever to play in the CFL Honorable mention to Flutie, Garcia, and Theisman.

Ferragamo was a total flop and nothing against Calvillo a great CFL QB. but if he had the talent he would have went to the NFL and played as a starter like the 4 I mentioned.

No, I am pointing out the disingenuous argument presented by Migs in using Moon as some kind of authority on quatrterbacks, particularly those who were not that great to begin with and who have also been away from the game for nearly half a decade.

I look forward to hearing of all the recent examples of players who have not taken a meaningful snap on the football field for 6 years that have then returned and played a meaningful role with another organization. I suspect I will be waiting a long time.

The Last Word

No offence, but the notion that because nobody else has done it it can't be done seems like a fallacious argument. I agree that the odds are against him that he will succeed, but they're not impossible, or even remote. He does have a few things going for him that affect the odds, such as size, age, and plenty of starting experience (if not recent). I'll be the first to admit to pleasant surprise if he actually makes the team and gets a start this season, but I'm not willing to bet he'll fail completely simply because he hasn't taken a meaningful snap in several years.

It's pretty sad that we can't have a grown up discussion about a QB trying to make a comeback in the CFL.

I think a Johnny Poll is just the medicine this sickness needs.

Also VY, is getting way more attention then he deserves.

Including from myself.

However, the poll could be " who will get in the last post before LOCK UP 3.0 "? :lol:

If to you a ProFootball Hall of Fame QB is not a good authority on QBs then oh well.

And to say Vince Young was not a great QB to begin shows your complete lack of knowledge of what constitutes a great QB.

[b]I look forward to hearing of all the recent examples of players who have not taken a meaningful snap on the football field for 6 years that have then returned and played a meaningful role with another organization. [b]I suspect I will be waiting a long time.

[i]The Last Word

I look forward to you providing one example of a National Champion, 2time NFL Probowler, 3rd overall NFL pick, NFL rookie of the year, 31-20 NFL win/loss record Quarterback who came to the CFL & failed.

Since you are so caught up in precidence, only one example will suffice.

I'm really looking forward to seeing him play up here. I'm completely at a loss as to why he's viewed so negatively. Mind you for whatever reason this whole forum seems to take a negative spin on pretty much everything.


Agreed. I'm actually more interested in seeing how he does now, after reading all the negativity here, than I was before.


I hope he lights it up. I love a good comeback story.


And that's Mr. Calvillo the hall of famer to you. :cowboy:

Great minds think alike! That was the plan... :smiley:


LOL !!! Sooo, let me see if I've got this correct. You actually took the time to read through 3 different threads , roughly 25 - 30 pages worth of posts and took a total count of how many posts were by Rider fans and how many were by other fans ? You then divided yer figures so you could get an actual exact percentage of who was posting what ........and I'm and others are obsessed ?
LMFAO !!! :lol: :smiley: Naw , you Rider fans aren't obsessed at all with Vince Young . I guess that's why then that over at Riderfan the VY thread is "only" at 244 pages and counting. I have to admit that you Rider fans are an interesting bunch......passionate to a fault , some are definitely kinda' goofy and silly BUT interesting in a strange sort of way nonetheless . Cheers :smiley: Is it June Yet ? :wink:

[url=http://www.riderfans.com/forum/showthread.php?137533-Riders-add-Vince-Young-to-neglist-sign-him-to-2-year-deal]http://www.riderfans.com/forum/showthre ... -year-deal[/url]

I thought you were kidding - but you're absolutely correct. How much could there possibly be to say about a guy who hasn't even stepped onto the field yet?

Warren Moon may have been the greatest QB who played in the CFL and NFL but he wasn't the best in the CFL. There are at least a dozen QB's who have a better QB rating than Moon, who've passed for similar or higher yardage in the CFL. Moon was selected as a CFL or Western All-Star only once of his six years in Canada. Obviously his contemporaries thought other QB's were more worthy. Warren went on to have a great career in the NFL but that has no bearing on his CFL supremacy.

One thing the American QB Rating system the CFL adopted, doesn't do, is reflect the QB's rushing ability. There's little question Moon was a superlative scrambler...and he could put the old J5V into orbit on some of his long bombs!

Moon also had a very high Yardage per Completion average compared to most QB's then, or now (Jon Jennings led the CFL by a considerable margin last year.) But Warren's completion percentage was lower as a result.

Unfortunately, the CFL has adopted the American Yardage per Attempt statistic, which is inappropriate and a bit misleading when applied to Canadian football. (YPA is basically a mini-QB rating, where one QB can complete 10 passes for 100 yds = 10 YPA; while another QB can complete 10 passes for 100 yds = 5 YPA...OK, so how many yards did he average per completion?) :roll:

Speaking of Vince Young, I had rated his chances of succeeding in the CFL at 5% before he signed with the Riders. Now it looks like he's at least staked himself to a job. Even if he's not the starter, Young said he'd do whatever he could to help the team win, like being a 2nd-pair of eyes on the sidelines, if that was his role. He was humble and thankful for the opportunity with the Riders (and received no signing bonus.)

So as long as VY doesn't show up out-of-shape, keeps the good attitude and can fling the ball downfield, he's in like Flint!

Now that Vince has officially signed, I'd up his odds of success at 15% (one in seven)...and rising? :cowboy: