Warren Moon's thoughts on Vince Young signing with Riders.

There is a reason he is not on any team south of the border.

People might want to think about that.

Nor is any CFL player

Of course he isn't. Warren Moon is too old to still be playing, south or north of the border. :lol:

There's a reason why every player in the CFL is not on a team south of the border.

Is that really your argument? Lol

Ah, the good old appeal to authority. Nothing like citing an authority on a topic outside their area of expertise. Just because Moon was an excellent Qb it does not imbue him with the abilities to discern the necessary makeup needed to become one. If a head coach or GM of a CFL or NFL team with a proven track record of long-term success had made this statement regarding Young it might have some merit. Since no one of note has (Jones has no proven track record as a GM and limited success as head coach), questions about Vince Young will persist as they should.

The Last Word

I think those are good estimates. Not impossible, but certainly unlikely.

I might go slightly higher on the backup odds. Maybe 40-50% chance of lasting through 2017, but <10% chance of being back in 2018.

I don't know, TLW. Granted, I think Moon was probably just being polite and positive rather than providing a true, well-thought out analysis. However, if anyone is an expert on QBs transitioning from the NFL to the CFL, it's got to be Warren Moon.

I guess time will tell. Vince Young was a pretty good athlete. He's been out of football for a few seasons now, and he's not a young man anymore. We will have to wait and see how he turns out.

As much as I hope he's successful, I agree with ExPats odds.

Pierre Bouchard has five Stanley Cup rings ...... Bobby Orr has two
Rings/championships in and of themselves tell nothing about the quality of a player.
THAT said, much as Calvillo has all the records (and I am a life-long Als fan) in terms of a ranking of "the best" in terms of quality not quantity, I put Moon slightly ahead of AC.

I do not follow the NFL. Just do not care.
How many teams are there ? 28 - 30 - 32 ?

Do not answer that, again I do not care.

Not one of them wants the guy.
I am not talking about every player in the CFL. I am talking about VY and only VY.

Why do they not want him ? He is a washed up has been.
The worst team in the NFL ( whoever they are ), does not even think about him.

Why did he come to Canada ? He has no other place to go.
Trust me , he does not want to be here. He just needs a job.

To bad for him MLFB tanked.

But the same can be said for every CFL player, from MOP BLM all the way down to training-camp fodder rookies--they're not wanted in the NFL. That, of course, does not mean they aren't good CFL players, just like VY might turn out to be.

Therefore, the fact that VY is not wanted in the NFL has no real bearing on how well he'll succeed in the CFL.

Look in the mirror dude.

Are there tears streaming down your face? Seriously, are there? LOL

Clearly your opinion is the authority, much moreso than Warren Moons. Haha, you're just pretentious.

I'm betting it has as much to do with what they would have to pay a guy with 60 some-odd starts. He's simply priced out.

Yes but Dave , the point is he WAS in the NFL.

They know about him and what he used to be.

Do they know anything about BLM ?

They look at him as a " bin there done that guy "

People keep talking about his past glory. He has stood on the sides since 2011. According to wikipedia.

Hmmmmmm !!! and I see yet another Vince Young thread is upon us :roll: .........Oh well 2 locked already might as well go for the hat-trick . Wonder how long before this one gets shutdown and Locked ? :lol: I'm thinking of starting a pool on how many VY threads get started and locked before the season begins :smiley: Considering that we've already had 2 threads Locked already , I'm setting the over/under at 3.5 Locks when it comes to the topic of Mr. Vince Young :smiley:


The problem is Rider fans consistently bragging about Young, and claiming the Riders will have a dynasty with fat Vince at the helm...

So Johnny can I put you down for an over or under bet ? :smiley: