Warren Moon's Grey Cup rings up for auction

Is it just me or do you think this really sucks, is he that hard up for cash or unthoughtful that he couldn't leave these as momentos to his family - charukfan

Here’s your chance to own a Grey Cup ring … or four
Spiro Papuckoski - Canoe.ca December 5th, 2013

Have some extra cash floating around your bank account? And a huge CFL fan?

If you answered yes to both — and haven’t stopped reading yet — you might be interested in bidding on some Warren Moon memorabilia at SCPAuctions.com.

The Canadian Football Hall of Fame and Pro Football Hall Of Fame inductee is selling some of his wares, including four Grey Cup championship rings.

In all, 72 items are up for auction, which also includes jackets, helmets, trophies, watches, equipment and other assorted autographed merchandise. No reason is given as to why Moon has decided to sell off his football possessions.

Although the items went up for auction in November, there are only two days left to bid.

For those that don’t know, the retired quarterback once held numerous career records, including most passing yardage, most passing touchdowns, most pass completions and most pass attempts in professional football, which includes the CFL and NFL. They were surpassed by Damon Allen and Brett Favre (and Anthony Calvillo).

Meant to say memento not momento.

Warren Moon, imo, is the all time greatest CFL quarterback, back in the day, he was unstoppable and the main reason why the Eskimos won all those Grey Cups.

I think it's lousy that he's selling those rings, Warren Moon meant so much to the CFL. I wonder if he's hard up for money? because it just doesn't seem right.

or he's giving it to charity......which is FAR more valuable than looking at them in a night stand drawer.

Many years ago I saw Moon interviewed on some sports show and he said that he would gladly trade all 5 of his Grey Cup rings for just one Super Bowl win. I guess now he'll just trade them for cash. Interesting that it's only 4 of them. Maybe he's still sentimental about one of them.

Not many would be interested in it...It's a Edmonton ring...ha..ha..now give me a shot at a Hamilton one and that's different.

It's almost as if Moon holds little regard or endearment to being a Grey Cup champion.

it is sad actually.

My high regard/respect for Mr. Moon just changed.

Well, let's put it into perspective. While I also don't appreciate him saying that, it probably made sense for him to say that in the US where he lives, if he was stuck for words then they would put him in high regard saying he'd do about anything to get a SB ring. And probably not a lot of people there know or would know how to respect what the Grey Cup is because it is simply seen simplistically by many there, some here as well, as an inferior league played by inferior athletes where they actually mandate a certain number of Canadians to start and play on the team and where the games of the CFL are not widely even carried on US television The cultural and historical aspect of the Grey Cup would be lost on these people.

You want to impress people in Rome where you live, speak Roman. :wink:

People that think with the "inferior card" are the inferior ones....nothing like that has ever been brought up with my friends or myself...this is Canada and nothing should be compared to foreign country's...everything here is what I want and if it ever changes then I'll just move...why are people obsessed with comparisons between leagues or even sports...I think soccer & basketball are nothing sports but I don't bash them or compare them because they are what they are so lets leave it alone...as Canadians, we should just enjoy and stop looking if the grass is greener elsewhere ...Cheers!

As an aside, there used to be a site where you could buy Grey Cup replica rings, but I can't find it any more - anyone have any info on that? IIRC, it was also a place you get collector plates, etc.


I've talked to Warren and he holds the CFL and Canada in high regard. His reasons for selling, as stated earlier are "personal".

He appears in the recently finished documentary, "The Gridiron Underground", a film about black football players who came to Canada play football.

I don't know if Warren Moon is poverty stricken or has some kind of vendetta against the CFL.

If the latter possibility is true, I'd like to know why' as I am sure all fans would. If the former

possibility is true, I would like to know how he managed to get into such a financial mess; given

the small fortune he must have made as a premier quarterback in both leagues.

Frankly, if he's PO'd at the CFL, I feel insulted and disappointed as a fan and remind him that

our league was hiring black players when the NFL was still thinking about it. The colour barrier

never was much of a problem in Canada and that remains a good thing.

im willing to go up to 5 dollars. 5.50 tops

sucks he has little regard for the dynasty he led

boo Warren Moon, once my hero :cry:

From another board:

Here is his reasons:

Warren Moon ?@WMoon1 8m
In an effort to share my fondest memories with fans I have placed some memorabilia from the course of my career up for auction @SCPAuctions

Warren Moon ?@WMoon1 7m
Proceeds from the auction will be going to my Crescent Moon Foundation to provide scholarships for students. @SCPAuctions

crap. i take back my booo

I guess there is no need to quote some or all of the negative comments directed at Warren Moon on this board. :roll: What is it with some people? They just have to have something negative to say about the guy for selling 4 CFL rings, when he is keeping one GC ring and selling off a bunch of other stuff...3 pages of it, that includes college and NFL stuff.

What part of "he holds the CFL and Canada in high regard", do you not understand? Just wait till you hear what he says about the CFL and Canada in the documentary. :wink:

Warren Moon has never anything but good to say about the CFL. To even suggest that he be negative about the CFL is to be literally ignorant about him.

Very well put, Woody....Earlier I kidded about who would want an Edmonton ring but as far as Warren Moon...well he has always been a class act !

Well I'm glad to hear he is sharing these rings with his fans. I was wondering what was up with that but I see that it's for sharing and unselfish reasons.

Warren Moon is a class act, and my image of him being one of the greatest CFL players will always be there.