Warren Moon's Enshrinement in Canton

No American disputes that Warren Moon is a symbol of everything that is right with football.

And throwing power.

Absolutely. Growing up during his era and watching guys like Moon, Elway, etc., Moon was a great player and a class act. Regarding his time in the NFL, a lot of people used to say his success was due to the Run and Shoot. Hog Wash! The Oilers success was due to Warren Moon. Think about it, who else did they have? His receivers were decent, but they were small. Moon had been one of the most underrated players to play Pro Football. This is a great thing to see him going to Canton.

Well done !

He Deserves it! I remember him beating us often

Without a doubt...the greatest QB to ever play in the CFL. Flutie might get to Canton one day, but until then, there's no question who "our boy" is. The is a guy who used to wear "Canada" on his helmet...can't wait 'itl next August!

I love Moon for the fact that he's has always talked very highly of the CFL and didn't just bolt to the NFL as a rookie or early in his career in the CFL. He blessed us with his tremendous abilities for 5 years (I think?) and also became a star in the NFL unlike a certain BC QB. lol.

Moon was great, he deserves to be one of the best in any league.....

good to see I CFLer and a football leagend in the NFL hall of fame! Congrats to him!

are there any other people that are/could be in the Hall of Fame in BOTH leagues?

Though Flutie is a great QB, he will never make the NFL Hall of Fame.

who knows? with that drop kick this season, that could be note worthy. But I guess he has to start and win a few games and the SB to make it.

Did Joe Kapp make both Hall's of Fame?

How about Theisman? Did he make both?

I don't think Theisman is in because his career ended so early - but I could definitely be wrong.

Flutie could make the PRO FOOTBALL hall of fame, and I think that he's the most deserving character to do so based almost entirely on his CFL merits.