Warren Moon

I was watching the Score yesterday, and they had a feature on Warren Moon, who is an inductee this year into the NFL Hall of Fame. He was inducted in his first year of eligiblity, only the 26th(or so) player to be elected that way. He is the only football player to be inducted into two football Hall of Fames. I believe it is a honour that he truly deserves. He is an example for any player who wants to play in both leagues—have success in one league first before you go try the other league. IMO, too many CFL players try the NFL after only one good season here, and wind up back north of the border. Warren Moon did it the way a player is supposed to-- be successful in one league–5 GC championships , then try the NFL. I would like to offer my congrats to Warren Moon–truly one the best QBs of all time in either league.

:D Good Post Sambo. We Rider fans do appreciate stellar play by opposing players at times. Moon was a class act.

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Just a question though: how can 2006 be his first year of eligibility? How long must you be retired before you become eligible?

Not only was he a great player, but I had the opportunity to hear him publically speak.....Man, what a great speaker too!

I think he retired in '01, or '02.

does playing in the NFL affect eligibility for CFL HOF.

IE: player 1 and player 2 both play their last yr of CFL in 1995. Player 1 never plays ball again. Player 2 plays 10 yr in NFL. Do they both become eligible in the same yr??

Moon is already a member of the CFL Hall of Fame, he was inducted in 2001. Im not sure what the critreia for induction are.

Good post Sambo. I gotta say I do respect your posts. I just sometimes disagree because it's more stimulating then always having everyone agree and see the same post over and over. I'll try to be a little more tactfull though. Moon retired with the Chiefs in 2000. Gotta wait 5 years for eligibility. One other great thing about Moon is even though the NFL doesn't like to bring it up at the time they didn't like blacks playing QB. They tried to make him swith positions but he rather headed north and was a pioneer for the QB's today. Even though he spent the first 6 years out of the NFL at the time of retirement he was still 3rd in passing yards and 4th in td's. BTW each league treats their HOF as their own and what a player does in a different league doesn't affect anything. They're thinking of setting up a worls football HOF

First inductee into a World HOF should be Flutie.

I don't know if anyone has had as much suscess in both leagues as Warren. Flutie never even played a whole season as a starter in the NFL. He did have a good college career though that will never be forgotten in Boston

thats just it. A world HOF would not just look at one league accomplishments but rather the whole career. USFL, CFL, NFL, WLAF(or whatever it was), even XFL.

In my mind Moon is one of the Greatest QBs to play football. If they had a world HOF should have both Moon and Futie as its first inductees.

works for me :thup:

What about Ryan Leaf? LOL

what about Tony the Tuna