Where did this picture of Warren Moon come from? I always associated him with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, Bud Grant, Leo Lewis, Kenny Pleon, John Verone.

Warren Moon has always been the big star in EE if I'm not mistaken.

…Moon played six years in the CFL solely as an Eskimo under Wilkenson’s tutelage until he became the starter in his own right…

a great qb.....who unlike Casey Printers...put on a great performance in our league...for quite a few years...He did fInally end up in the NFL...played for the Houston Oilers..I believe..class act...very talented qb....too bad guys like Printers couldn't use a guy like Warren Moon as a role model...Casey might have ended up as successful... :roll:

and he got 5 grey cups in a row with the Esks!

You forgot...He played in Seattle too! He's the colour commentator there on the radio. (Sounds better than Walby too! :wink: Sorry papa..couldn't resist!)

Believe it or not, I stand corrected.
For some reason I associate him with Winnipeg.
Maybe cause I have been a Bombers fan since the 1950's.

At a boy Ziffel...Moon wasn't a Bomber...but we had many great QB's also..

Was Moon the very best QB in the CFL all time.....yes...
I don't like the Esk's...but got to say...Moon is all time CFL QB...
Proven in both leagues..runner up Flutie..

...if you were around in Kenny Ploens day....as far as smarts and versatility...Ploen has to be rated right up there.. he.had a few Grey Cup wins for the Bombers...and never played anywhere else in the CFL......I remember one year...a young kid by the name of Jim Van Pelt came into training camp...challenged Ploen for the starters job and won it...Bud Grant started Ploen that year as a defensive back...he never complained ...just went out a did the job...after Van Pelt received a career ending injury(and by the way was taking the Bombers to the Cup) Ploen came back in as the no 1 guy....and never looked back....He was good one... :!:

Ya I heard he was a very skilled QB, I kind of have a bias opinion on the Topic..only seeing Moon in action..
Ploen, must of been one hell of an athlete, can't make the starting QB position so you play a little defence instead.
Happened alot more, back in the day..than it does now...

...you got it Hank...it would be impossible to switch off like that anymore...but ...was he in good shape.?..really good shape ..a terrific athlete..a real intelligent qb. ...out foxed another great qb...Bernie Faloney of the Ti-Cats...the Bombers had a real rivalry going with them in those days....Ploen and the Big Blue won most of them... :wink:

I remember the fog bowl. One feature of the Grey Cup that we dont get anymore is the fans crowding the field after the game and tearing down the goalpost. Nothing like a chunk of a goal post to take home.
They used to play the game on Saturday and it was shown again the following afternoon.
During one of the early 1960’s game a fan ran out and grabbed the ball… This caused an uproar because theyonly had one or two in those day.
Great Stuff and so was the 2005 Grey Cup. Fantastic Game.

.....yup Fred...those by-gone days of the fog-bowl and mud-bowls were exciting...even with all the draw backs...I remember one Grey Cup... between Ham...and Wpg.... a fan along the sidelines stuck out his leg and tripped one of the Ti-Cats returning a punt...I think it was Garney Henley...slippery guy with lots of speed...He might have scored a td. on that play....we'll never know...just some of the controversial shenanigans that went on in those days....I agree ...the 05 Cup was a good un...hoping the same for WPG. in 06... :wink:

I'm too young to remember Moon, but without a doubt, he is one of the greats!

But if I have a favorite EE player, I'd have to say it's Gizmo.