Warren Moon return to Edmonton?


I always liked Warren Moon - would love to see him back in the CFL coaching in some capacity or as a GM

PLEASE!! :slight_smile:

it would be a dream come true to see Moon as GM! it would mean another 4 years of crappy football! :cowboy:

Warren Moon :thup: was taught by one of the QB masters who read the defense and called his own plays; Tom Wilkinson.

I disagree - with his NFL connections he would be able to attract talent to give the CFL a shot. He may not produce a winner of the bat but would bring alot to the CFL.

That won't automatically make him a great GM ! If that was the case, the Phoenix Coyotes would have just won their 4 th cup in a row with Gretzky in charge ! Bringing a Rookie GM in to a already messy situation and who isn't familiar with the players and day to day operations of the club may make things worse ! I think bringing him in as a assistaint GM would be a better way to go and then groom him for the top position after a few years !

MMmmm…another name has popped up. Calgary head coach John Hufnagel confirmed that the Stampeders have denied permission until the season is over for the Eskimo’s to talk to director of player personnel John Murphy for the vacant GM job.

[url=http://www.montrealgazette.com/sports/Eskimos+lost+advantage/3434035/story.html]http://www.montrealgazette.com/sports/E ... story.html[/url]

that is much much more likely and far far more appealing than Moon. I loved WM as a player but as we've pointed out on several occasions he doesn't have the football management and administration skills to do the job of GM. And at this stage the Esks do NOT need someone who is little more than a figurehead.

hehe if I were the Stamps, I'd tell em "no, you can't talk to him. you'll have to wait until his contract expires"

Moon has all this game experience but that leads to squat in GM mode.

and ya whoever brought up the Gretzky example was a genius!

if the Esks want to become a contender again AVOID MOON!

but from a fans perspective, please go right ahead! :lol:

Pinball did ok as a coach even though he wanted out of the position which happened.

Pinball just stepped off the playing field and in to the coaches job ! He knew all the players and was familar with what teams would do strategy wise and how the league worked . Moon hasn't been around the cfl in 27 years ! Huge difference ! He doesn't know the players or the teams ! Sure he goes on the internet to check box scorees or catches the odd game on the dish ! Far cry from being involved on a dailey basis !

What is the difference between Moon who's played in the CFL and is currently a player agent for some guys in the CFL and a guy like Mack ? All hires have to be looked at individualy and some will work out and other not. When you look at Trestman, Austin, Huffnagel, Mack, Andrus, its all over the map as background and results are concerned.

but moon has no such experience at all in any football areas, except playing.

Agent doesn't count.

Popp was a DB coordinator for one season prior in Saskatchewan before he became a GM. All I'm saying is in this business nothing is cut and dry and there is no SPECIFIC way of being successful, it is all over the place.

Whoever gets the job in Edmonton is great shape because they have an all star future all of fame QB. They just need to get their scouting department cleaned up and working and and improve their Canadian talent.

So now Moon has done a 180 and is saying things like how maybe he would be interested. But there's still much speculation and it's more like Moon is kinda-sorta-maybe interested and there is no indication that the Esks are.

I still don't thing he'd be a good choice for GM. However, as the Esks Pres of Football Operations where he could be Lelacheur's counterpart... now that might work. And as a bit more of a figurehead role he's a) be an excellent 'face of the team' and b) the GM could get down to brass tacks behind the scenes.

edit-- forgot the link.

I agree with the folks who say bring him in and give him a limited role rather than make him GM. The Esks need someone solid right now.

What has warren been doing all these yrs? Has he been involved in coaching at any level? Has he been running a successfull business?

Anyone read the interview with Warren moon today in the Harold? Pretty good. I have heard he owns some sort of bussiness but I don't know if that's true. I think he does some play by play or something for my sea hawks

Shouldn’t Lelacheur be asking the Als for permission to talk to some of their more senior ballboys?

That's the same article I provided a link to on the previous page. The Journal and the "Harold" (is that Weird Harold from the Bill Cosby show? or "The Herald"? :wink: ) are both part of the same media family (CanWest) and they regularly share content.

Well he would've been doing that if he was still getting advice from Maciocia! 8)