Warren Moon interested as owner of Eskimos

[b]Twelve years into his retirement (New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees slipped past him into fifth place on the NFL’s all-time passing yards list on Nov. 21), Moon is enjoying life. He’s a broadcaster for the Seattle Seahawks and a regular on TV in Seattle through the week. He’s three years into running a sports marketing and entertainment company in California (Sports1Marketing) and would love an opportunity to own a football team.

He'd (Moon) also consider owning a CFL franchise, but only if the Eskimos elected to move away from community ownership.

“The way the team (Eskimos) is set up, there is really no way that I could be the owner. If something like that was to come up, if I had an opportunity there, that would be something I would be very interested in,? he said.

While the B.C. Lions and Toronto Argonauts could be available for purchase in the next few years, Moon, like so many other former Eskimos, bleeds Green and Gold.
“If it was in the Canadian Football League, it’d have to be to the Eskimos. My loyalty is definitely to that organization,? he said.

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I thought he was broke. :lol:

Theismann for the Argos?

broke to Moon are like riches to us. :expressionless:

A friend of mine was talking to warren a couple weeks ago, they stay in touch. And he told me warren is down sizing his house and is getting rid of alot of stuff as we have seen. But he wants to buy a NFL team or the eskis. So it is true.

If owning a CFL team doesn't work out he could always go back to selling cookies.

He will be after buying a CFL team. Like the old joke:
How do you become a millionaire?
Start with a billion dollars and buy a sports team.

Just because he's downsizing doesn't mean he's in the poorhouse. Lots of people get tired of big houses and lots of junk in their life and just want things to be simpler.

Moon is one of my all-time favourite people. He was just such an amazing athlete and, by all accounts since I've never met him, a great person. He was certainly much loved in E-town. He also has never a bad word to say about the team and league that gave him a chance when nobody else would.

The Esks aren't for sale, but the Lions might be a better fit for Moon. Vancouver is within commuting distance of Seattle so Warren could keep his Seahawks gig.

Mr. Braley wanted $25 million a couple years ago but the Lions are likely worth more now with the huge new TV contract, plus the Lions are the prime tenant in a newly-renovated $800 million state-of-the-art retractable-dome stadium. :thup:

yes, the convenience and proximity factor could make the Lions appealing to Moon if he is so inclined but personally, I'd love to see him take over the Argos and restore the franchise to it's heyday levels.
either way, having Warren Moon as the face of any CFL franchise can only enhance the credibility of the league even further.

I wonder if the Esks have approached Moon to be an official spokesperson or similar PR role with the team in the past few years..
You would think they have although nothing has been reported, at least not publicly.

A shame the Esks are not a private enterprise as WM is a true loyalist and would love to own the team that gave him the opportunity not afforded in the U.S. early in his career.