**WARREN MOON** HOF enshrinement today -

Warren Moon Pro Football Legend is getting his day starting at noon.


congrats to warren :slight_smile:

Always a pleasure to watch. Well earned. Forever a legend. :thup:

Reminds me of when I was growing up in Stoney Creek - I was the only CFL fan in my school. The guys were saying that not one player from the CFL was good enough to crack the practice roster of any NFL team.

So when Moon went to the NFL, I looked at the boys, and all they could say was that they felt sorry for him.

And people wonder why I don't watch the NFL.

Warren, you've made an amazing mark on professional football across North America. Congratulations, you deserve it.

PS: Did the "Pro" Hall of Fame include any CFL yardage with the NFL stats for combined yards? IIRC, he's at about 70,000 yards as a QB.

I saw a clip of Warren's speech and he went out of his way to say how valuable his time up here was. I was really happy to hear him talk about his good times in Edmonton, he thanked some people by name, like Hugh Campbell for letting him prove that he really could play quarterback. This was a milestone for the NFL. I'm almost certain that he's the first black QB inducted.

(In regards to if his CFL numbers were mentioned at the "Pro Football Hall of Fame" its doubtful, very doubtful. Although Chris Berman loves to mention the CFL whenever he can. Peter King of Sports Illustrated is on the voting committee and in an earlier article mentioned that when Moon's name came up the room took a vote and decided that his CFL achievements should be left out in regards to whether or not he should get in to the Hall.)

p.s. it's called the "Pro Football Hall of Fame" to accomodate the teams from back when the NFL and AFL were the two leagues, now they go by the NFC and AFC...so you won't see a run of CFLers getting into Canton.

You can view the enshrinement ceremony here:


Go to about the 2 hour and 26 minute mark to see the start of Moon's portion.