Warren Hudson

Hello all !!

Long time fan, first time post.

I have been reading these forums for what feels like years. Guys like ArgoDave, RedandWhite,Deerhunter, Chief,Papazoola and other have kept me entertain so "Thank you"

I felt it was my turn to finally post something worthy of reading. Warren Hudson is a distant cousin of mine and he has recently made it public that he has been living with inoperable brain tumour for 8 years

I wish my first post was about something more uplifting like my Argos being 2-0 Hey we can all have dreams :smiley:

Here is a link to the acticle that was wriiten in the Globle and Mail

[url=http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/football/former-cfler-warren-hudson-carries-on-the-fight/article2092220/]http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/f ... le2092220/[/url]

Thanks for reading

...I was at the 1990 GC and remember Hudson's contributions....the love of a family will see him through this difficult time, thanks for sharing this with us teepah, and welcome to the forum!

...I would like to echo RedWs' sentiments....Somehow your own personal problems become miniscule after reading something like this...I wish him all the best :thup:

A really heartwarming story set in unfortunate circumstances. A lesson for all to live the moment.