Warming of the Rivalry?

Although I did enjoy the first Prairie Grey Cup, I am starting to see a softer rivalry from these two teams. Almost zero trash talk in the week leading up, no roughing or shoving after the play, and nothing but kind words for eachother after the game. I guess that is due to the mutual respect for eachother these teams show, but personally I would like to see a colder relationship. I enjoy the trash talk and rough stuff that teams who hate eachother show. Saskatchewan and Winnipeg seem to have some sort of "friendly rivalry" now. No doubt some people enjoy this more but I want to see some heads smashed in next Labour Day.

No doubt, I am sure there will be. Players know enough not bad mouth opposition teams before a big game. Remember the eastern simi? Where did that get TO.

Its still a great Rivalry. Its kinda like the Packers and Bears.

I kind of enjoy the more friendly rivalry with Winnipeg now... I think the more "Hate-filled" rivalry has moved on to Calgary and BC for us.

Maybe Winnipeg moving out of our division has sort of softened it a bit... who knows.

Don't worry, we will be booing the Bombers as loud as ever come Labour Day, we just recognize when a team and its fans is worthy of respect. Hatred is for the dark side. We are with the Force. Positive energy= positive results baby!

What's your secret, Ridergrrl?

Okay I will stop asking you that.

i think the thing is the fans of our 2 teams repect each other. they both care about their teams more then anything and live and die with them. I know the rivalry and disapre between the teams, but i will fight to the death to defend the blue and gold and i gotta respect others who do the same for their team.

as for booing me when i arrive in ur town for labour day, i will boo back after we win it.

Its all about repect and self-control. As a Rider fan I still wake up every morning and make a deposit on a Bomber helmut at the bottom of my toilet bowl. That will never change, ewww. But I mean when it gets down to one game, win or go home cryin' and it's in a week...what's there to trash talk about? Speculation is for wankers. I learned that after my September Massacre threads from mid 2007. LOL!