warm weather keeping fans away

heard on 1040 yesturday from moj that he is not even expecting 30,000 because how hot it has been laltly.

and of course how they been playing.

i think they will hit around 27,000

to be honest it is suppose to get a lot cooler on friday so that is why i am going but if it was still 33 degress out on friday forget it, can't waite to get that roof off.

Maybe they're under anouncing the projected attendance figures as opposed to over-projecting like they were doing.

I'd be really shocked to see 27,000, really shocked to see only 1 or 2,000 walkup fans. I haven't been yet this year cuz i've been away for one, and then when i was going to go for bobby ackles i had to go into the hospital. Lets seriously hope its not 27,000, or even 30,000.

That would mean about the same as the preseason game.

That would also be the lowest attendance for a game since the 2006 season. The lowest was 29,000+ for a hamilton game last year.

Edmonton usually draws a big crowd. I'd expect around 32,000 with the warm weather, but again I can go to the beach any time, and so can most people, last week was an away game, why go to the beach or do something you can do any night, when this is happening one night for a couple hours and its cheap, and you can still go and do something after on granville? Then again I'm not everyone else though.

all i am saying is what i heard on the radio with moj is that bc place is like a sauna in there exspecally when it has been warm all week, and in the past it has keept a lot of people away, and i think they will hit 30,000 but i would not be suprised the way they have been playing if they hit under 30,000 because i agree if the lions were 6-0

or even if they one last week they would get 32,000 - 35,000 but i can not see it tom sorry i still say 30,000.

Isn't it funny.

When the team is winning, nobody talks about the dome.

When they are losing its whine, whine, whine..... :roll: :roll: :roll:

Sounds like 1998, 1999 all over again

it does not matter if they are winning or not the dome on hot summer nights does keep a good 10,000 fans away.



And where did you get that figure from?

Link Please.

I do agree that BC Place is scortching hot in warm weather, but true fans wil be there regardless of the heat.

I will be at the game tomorrow as well as 16 of my friends that are coming with me to celebrate my bday!!

You are absolutely right lionsgirl.

Dupsell just likes to whine and bellyache about attendance.

I am still waiting for him to provide the link that says 10,000 fans stay away because of hot weather.

Still waiting for that link about the 10,000 fans that stay away because its sunny out. :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

They've won 3 of their last 4 games.

Really how do you base fan support on butts in the seats? you can have fans 2 poor to be there! people who don't like 2 cheer in public! a million reasons Y? until you spend $$$$$$ and conduct a proper research paper on fans at home games your just stirring up non-factual debate!here-say and speculationor personal oppinion doesn't make it a fact! have something real before you start trouble!