Warm, cushy dome VS Cold Alberta field

This year's Grey Cup will feature one team from the East, who will have just played in a big, warm, comfortable dome against a team from the West who just finished playing in a cold, hard Alberta football field.

The Grey Cup game itself will also be played on a cold, hard Alberta football field. Ergo, the advantage goes to the West Final winner. :cowboy:

...no argument can be made against that logic so, please, argo/als fans don't even bother to respond....

Well one could argue, hehe, that either Calgary or Sask will rack up more injuries in this frigid weather, more so than the Argo's or Al's, therefor less injuries may mean advantage to the eastern team. Just a possibility.

well, they’re calling for -17 for Sunday… :frowning: so that means it won’t be 41-38 this time.

if anything I can see the Stamps trying to run the ball a lot. Riders I hope would try to at least give a running game a good try too.

I’m just glad i’ll be inside! :lol:


Hmmm, seem to remember Montreal leaving their dome and beating a Western team on a cold Alberta field way back in ohhh..........2009.
Seems maybe the logic can be argued and proven false after all.

Did Turkey hack Thryllin's account? Might be worth looking at...

2009 was warm! Only an eastern would consider the 2009 GC cold.

The sad part of this though is that football is a summer sport. The entire season is mostly based on fair weather play. So the ranking of teams reflects that fact. Yet we play the GC in potentially crappy cold snowy and windy weather. So then the game may come down to those teams that run the ball well. That makes the entire season irrelevant as it really should have been played in winter weather. Unless every city has a dome they really need to move the season up 6 weeks so it ends in mid October.

Do I sense a chink in the Riders game? and Riderfan23's armor :smiley:

no, no changes in start time.

Oh yes, because Montreal is such a warm weather climate.
I'm sure it gets more snow than you, and probably just as cold.
Don't try playin that card Greenman. :stuck_out_tongue:

Bottom line is they met the criteria last year of the initial post here, and came away winners.
Hmmmm..... I forget though who they beat. :rockin:

Won't be an issue..dome teams have done it before.

Montreal has more snow less cold. My point though is that the weather should not dictate who wins. Teams that run the ball should have an advantage in theory. I’ve always enjoyed the Indoor GCs more.

Looks like Grey Cup will be around 0 degrees. Will be like a heatwave compared to this weekend.

I have no recollection of the event you mention.

2009 GC was around minus 5? A guess on my part. Buddies of mine at the game actually over dressed. They were very happy with how warm it was. Much more enjoyable after you spend all that money on GC tickets to not have to worry about frost bite watching a game.

Yes teams with domed stadiums win GCs, I don't argue with that. Weather should not play a factor in who wins a national title. Or let's start the season in the winter. Makes as much sense as completing it in the winter.