Ward 11 Councillor's statement regarding her vote against

Thought I'd pass this on as she put this in the Glanbrook Gazette/Grand River Sachem today (her riding covers Binbrook, Mount Hope, Upper and Lower Stoney Creek)

**** Please, if you do e-mail her, be civil and respectful when you express your opinions .........as we all should be with every councillor on this issue or any others

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Study on location would have wasted money
By Brenda Johnson, councillor, Ward 11
Jan 04, 2011

As your newly elected councillor, I would like to keep you informed about issues as much as possible.

The Pan Am Stadium was a huge issue during this past municipal election. All through my campaign, I consistently said "unless the private sector and the anchor tenant was coming with big bucks to the table, we cannot afford this project". The staff made it clear that there has been no interest from the private sector to invest in this project.

The government was putting in $70 million (not the $100 million the media reports). The city was putting in $55 million from our savings account (future funds) and $5 million from the sale of Ivor Wynne Stadium.

The funding gap was still short by $34.7 million, which did not include land related costs (such as studies) or traffic infrastructure costs for any site that was chosen.

So in essence, Hamilton citizens are on the hook to pay $94.7 million, and we haven't even sorted out where the stadium was going to go yet!

The Ti-Cats did offer $10 million over a ten-year period to enhance the funding, but they wanted control of the parking, concessions and naming rights to the stadium.

Simply put, we cannot afford it.

We were also told by staff that if council wanted to study Confederation Park, we were warned there would be major problems with the Confederation site such as geo-technical, environmental, the residential development near by, (Ivor Wynn would not have been built in its present location if the stadium were to be built with today's guidelines).

The strict set back rules for the lake and the strict set back rules for the QEW was a major concern for staff, as they felt there may not have been enough land for the stadium. The city manager stated the costs could run into double digits in millions of dollars for traffic infrastructure alone! So the choice was do we spend even more money on a study that would have proven what we already suspected- that this site would not be appropriate. Even Mayor Bratina stated that we know this site probably won't go.

Why waste more money? Again. Considering the deadline, there wasn't enough time to look for another site.

Hopefully, this helps you to understand why there was a clear majority to stop pursuing this project. Should you require any further information, please contact me directly at 905-546-4513 or email me at Brenda.Johnson@hamilton.ca.

So the choice was do we spend even more money on a study that would have proven what we already suspected-

Please correct me someone. If you suspect something, doesn't that mean you don't have proof? And to obtain proof, you would need to perform a quality study to determine that what you suspect is in fact true?

Maybe I'm missing something here. :?

At least she is candid about her position. Hard to argue with her arguments regarding the lack of private funding.

Her numbers are inconsistent with other councillor's numbers, so they can't even be on the same page.

Who's zoomin' who?

Why do we get hung up on a $30 million shortfall? Were we going to pay the $30 mil all at once?

I thought it would work like a mortgage, but I guess I am wrong. :?

You would only wonder why would the city put it's self in a situation where they had no idea who was going to pay for the so called "shortfall" That's planning at it's best. If these clowns have no idea how to pay for items, perhaps the city should conduct a public audit of their expenses! You are correct - how's zoooooming how?

"The staff made it clear that there has been no interest from the private sector to invest in this project."

hmmmmm, and Mayor Fred was telling us that lots of investors were lining up for the West Harbour eh ? :wink:

I definately think a new stadium is dead in Hamilton. And Aldershot will not work either just not enough time for approval.


Moncton Wild-Cats ... :roll:

Just watching the news how much money Canadians are putting into the Buffalo economy with the World Juniors. You have to think if Aldershot goes ahead with the 9000 arena, and an OHL team, Burlington/Hamilton could host the World Juniors here out of this arena and Copps. This could be part of the stadium deal here as well how profits are distributed.

So if the TiCats can't/won't contribute big time here, what makes you think they'll cough up millions and millions out east?




The Pan Am cash cow is drying up as it stands now, show me the money!

Well, if the City Manager is stating that it's going to cost at least $10 million in traffic infrastructure and likely more in water and storm drain servicing that's an issue, as I'd assume Chris Murray has a great deal of expertise in this sort of thing.

If the city staff are saying that there will be geo-technical and environmental issues, that's a concern, especially if the city staff is saying that the Ministry of Environment requires the stadium to be set a certain distance away from the lake that's a concern, and could trigger a lengthy environmental assessment and kill the project.

If the province requires the stadium to be set a certain distance away from the QEW, that is a legitimate concern as far as building it.Now I will agree, proper study (of which we no longer have time for said site) would be of be of benefit to a party who would want to build a stadium there.

However, given that the city already has plans to develop the area for a much lighter development then a stadium, it is in a bad location as far as image the city wishes to convey and the citizens in the surrounding wards seem adamantly opposed to building a stadium there, I can't say I blame her, especially since her ward isn't going to gain a lot from the stadium and frankly desire lower taxes like all of the more suburban wards that were amalgamated into the city. Even Fenn didn't recommend that the site was to be pursued.

Well it has been awhile, (actually many posts and comments on here particularly) since I've read a legitimate question posed.
Hogtown has many decades to their history of receiving their hog's share of provincial money towards stadiums, concert halls, the list goes on but I gave up trying to keep track about 4 years ago.
My point is that Hamilton has received much less per population capita in provincial and federal money compared to Hogtown; and it's time we directed back some of our money.
If Pan Am isn't going to work out in our neck of the woods, then we need our elected City Councillors and longtime Tiger-Cat fan Bob Brattina to start filling out those wonderful forms that are available to every municipallity, asking for a little of our taxes paid to come back to us.
I'm sure 80% of the loud minority on this site will condemn me for this part, but that money should go to Ivor Wynne Stadium.
$20 million for basic renos on a 39 year old stadium to keep it standing for the next 40 years is cheaper than heck. But, will it satisfy everyone?
Well, ever since Bob has owned the team, you'd have to go back 29 years to find a season attendance average higher than this year. But, since we are longgggggg overdue for a substantial portion of payback from our own contributions to the provincial and federal tax reserves, we deserve a substantial chunk back.
(Btw, due your own research on the taxes directed toward Quebec over the last 40 years, if you want to bring up their efforts that have fallen on deaf ears in solidifying a larger portion of our taxes directed toward the costs of a new NHL rink in Quebec City; then go for it.)
IAnyway, I've read data and reports that $90 million is what it would take to please the wide brimmed customers, fairweather fans who appear embarrassed to live in Hamilton based on the fiscal and logistical decisions of the elected, and an owner who through media reports has threatened to fold the over 100 year tradition of football if a new stadium isn't built after next year.
I've read that Red Hat annual sales are more that $250-million a few years ago with a market value of $3.8-billion. So let's say in his situation today, Bob has a net worth of 200 hundred million dollars. (Very conservative estimate even in my own opinion) He aint' going broke next year or for the next 10 years. If he wants out then sell. Nobody knew who Bob was when he appeared out of nowhere to "save the Cats". Maybe there is another "Bob" around the corner. Or maybe I need to put down a thousand bucks as a Community owner.
BTW, I like Bob a lot and everything he has done financially, as unsuccessful as we have been as a team. I just think he really needs to look after the Tiger-Cats win/loss percentage before he puts threats out there about moving or folding the Hamilton Tiger-Cats based on his own bank account.

I think that in light of that though synthcat, I found this post from back in the summer on the Skyscraper site somewhat timely:

[i]"Steeltown, what would be the point in the Ticat organization discussing anything about their list of preferred locations at the stage in the game? Eisenberger and the city refuse to consider any other site, so it's endgame for the Hamilton Tiger Cats.

Part of the business case to make the Ticats financially viable was Ticat management of the facility. Eisenberger secretly spun a deal with Katz to manage the stadium he has planned for Barton and Tiffany along with the rest of HECFI (a non-binding agreement by the way), effectively hobbling any chance of the Ticats reaching a financially sustainable business plan for this particular site.

Given the continued bad faith demonstated by Eisenberger's actions regarding the city/Ticat stadium impasse, it is no big surprise to see these talks fail. Now, I would have to decide between shifting support to the most local CFL team (Toronto Argos) or keep supporting the Tiger-Cats in Ottawa, Hlifax or wherever Young ultimately lands his franchise. At least the Argos will likely have a nice new Pan Am stadium in North York to play out of soon. Thanks again, Mayor Eisenberger!"[/i]

[url=http://forum.skyscraperpage.com/showthread.php?t=175400&page=47]http://forum.skyscraperpage.com/showthr ... 00&page=47[/url]

I think we are fortunate to keep the Cats right here in our own back yard even if it might be just a couple inches over the fence but still on the property in the larger sense.

Simply put, we cannot afford it.
That pretty much sums it up. The councilor complained about multi-millions having to be spent on road improvements, etc. The truth is that Hamilton simply cannot afford a professional sports team and match what other regions are providing for their football teams.

In BC, the government is renovating 60,000-seat BC Place with a $530 million retractable dome, state-of-the art HDTV system and a completely renovated interior...essentially for the Lions' use. Governments built the 63,000-seat stadium in Edmonton (which underwent a $110 million upgrade last year)...and in Calgary ($50 million upgrade last year)...there is a proposed $380-million retractable dome stadium in Regina...construction has started on a new 34,000-seat stadium in Winnipeg financed by the government...a new 25,000-seat CFL stadium has been approved in Ottawa...the government built the $560-million Rogers Centre...governments also financed the expansion of Montreal's stadium to 25,000-seats last year...

...and Hamilton? Simply put, we cannot afford it. The CFL has simply outgrown Hamilton. The CFL is no longer a 20,000 fan, minor league run on shoestring budget. The average CFL attendance is nearly 30,000 now. TV ratings have gone through the roof which should dramatically increase team's revenues. All CFL teams, outside Ontario, have been profitable for many seasons. But the Ti-Cats have reportedly been losing money for over 30 years. Despite having the lowest ticket prices in the league, attendance at IW is the second worst in the CFL.

It's time to smell the coffee, Hamilton. The city has regressed into being a rundown backwater suburb of Toronto and can no longer afford to support the CFL or any other professional sports team, for that matter.

So synthcat thinks that since bob is a multi-millionaire and since he's lost a ton of money already that he should go broke and fully finance a new stadium!!! I'm sure his employees and shareholders would be impressed,
As for the Province owing Hamilton more financing - forget it - this provincial government is running a $20 Billion deficit!! that is unknown in history and we have a a debt of $50 billion - they are paying something like $9 billion a year to pay the interest on the debt. McGuinty has just signed a $7 billion deal build solar panels (built in Korea) that will generate less than one half of one percent of what we need and they don't work when the sun doesn't shine! the health care bill is at 50 percent of the Ontario budget and rising rapidly.........................so expecting more money for a stadium just won't fly.
The days of spending taxpayers money to generate jobs are over and its going to be about tightening belts.
They are obligated to earmark money for the PanAm games since it is an international event but there is no more money there.