War of Words heading into Sat night's game

Lewis accused the BC defenders of taking cheap shots, and Banks called Lewis an idiot. This game should be fun! :lol:


Makes things a lot more interesting. I think what got Banks angry is the fact that Lewis did it over Twitter. I say this because Banks runs his mouth quite a bit........but he does it on the field.

God save us all from twitter

Srsly, twitter is the pinnicle of epic failure.

Well we never have to worry about the defense being fired up and ready to go. Maybe somebody should start trash talking our offense...

I think everyone had been doing that all season already :wink:

...and the problem is that the BC offence agrees with the assessment pretty much....

...this will be fun to watch, Calgary's O vs. B.C.'s D, who will beat who and who will look like an ass in the end?...

i gotta cheer for the lions in this one.
corey banks > nic lewis

Never thought I would agree with Korey Banks, but in this case I sure do.

I hope both teams destory each other, and that Calgary Loses, and BC Loses. Oh wait...

lol yes they do.

I'm looking forward to this match up. I think our D will win this one but it will be close. Sanchez, Johnson and Banks are having amazing years.

Twitter to the s---t-r! Join in the fun! :rockin:

Nicole is accusing others of cheap shots!?!? :lol:

Wow. Talk about put calling the kettle black. Nicole is the king of cheap shots... thinly disguised crack-back blocks and taking defenders out at the knees. Just ask Kelly Wiltshire.

One of these days Karma will catch up with Nicole's mouth. Can't wait!

crack blocks and chop blocks have never been illegal, why dont you learn something

And so are the type of hits that Nik Lewis is crying about.

Should be interesting for sure!

Why don't YOU learn something, junior.

Crack back blocks are only legal if you block above the waist. Below the waist and they are illegal. Chop blcoks are also illegal. Both are 15 yard penalties.

…crack on your block is also illegal, and a cracked block, although not illegal, is not good…

:lol: :lol: Best laugh I've had today.

lewis never crack blocks below the waist and come to think of it i have never seen him block below the waist, and he never cried about the type of hits he called them out didnt say it was cheap and im sure he would prefer them to hit below the waist he can hurdle them much easier

I believe Nik Lewis ended Kelly Wiltshire's career with a low block to his knee. I tried finding a video but alas... nothing.

...yes, yes he did, and probably wishes daily that it didn't go down that way, but it did, and some folk around here, probably ones that never played the game and don't understand split-second timing/decisions/mistakes will never forgive him for it...that is life...