War Memorial Tragedy


Thanks, man. :thup:

I wasn't directly impacted, but later in the morning I remembered that my sister was still working about three blocks away from parliament (her office was scheduled to move out of downtown, and I thought they had, but it's not until next year). But to tell the truth, I was never truly worried for her because of the fine job done by the people on site in responding and in the media in sharing the information. Quite amazing.

The thoughts and prayers of many including me are with those affected in Ottawa .Canadians will never bow to intimidation. :thup:

It'll be interesting to see what they do tonight in terms of a tribute. Every game they honour an accomplished member of our military anyway, which is something I really respect from them. :thup:

Is tonight's game a sell out? I certainly hope so.

Apparently so.

They made the final home game fan appreciation night, so hopefully that helps make it a season-long thing.