Want's and Needs

I watched the game this afternoon and noticed we need
the following if we going to be competative this year. First off - defensive tackles - Mc Kay Loecher
and Lewis did not provide the required pressure.

Safety - the last long run would not have happened if we had a quality safety.

A crowd - that will back their team though difficult times and be the 13t man.

Other than the above I was very impressed with toughness and never quit attitude. Well done boys -

What friggen game were you watching, the crowd tonight was unbeleivably loud for the amount of people there, and I guess like Setta we need to give NML a ticket on the short bus outta Hamilton huh?


IVS holds 28,700 - what happened to the remaing 8,700 so called fans...........

RAIN, my guess is they are made of sugar, who knows who cares, the crowd that was there supported their team

"A crowd - that will back their team though difficult times and be the 13t man. "

were you at the game??????????

No I was not able to go, does that mean I didn't back my team????????????????????

I think he means that it was evident to all who attended that the 13th man was definitely in effect (for the last 7 or 8 minutes anyway).

What this team really needs are wins. Being competitive at this stage just doesn’t cut it anymore. You don’t get points for playing well and being competitive. But that’s the attitude with Cat fans. That needs to change.

I don't know what you want from fans...I'm sure we are tired of losing,,and thats why the lower attendence this year..If the team keeps playing competativly and winning more games..I'm sure the fans will start coming back..
tell me where in the world that consistantly sell out to a losing team..oh wait,,I forgot..LOSER LEAF fans! :lol:

Although there is plenty to be optimistic about, I agree with you 100 per cent. Casey more or less said the same after the game. It's about winning simple as that.

Yeah, great quote from Casey. The reporter asked him if there were things from the game the team can feel good about and Casey said "This isn't a business about feeling good, it's a business about winning".