Wanted: signature series jersey

Hey everyone,

This is my last resort I’m looking to see if anyone out there has a Reebok signature series Cats jersey in XL or XXL (preferably blank) they’d be willing to sell?

I have checked fb marketplace eBay Etsy you name it. So I thought I’d kick tires within the community and hope to get lucky.

Hope to hear something

Do you have a picture of what you’re looking for? I have no idea what these jerseys look like, I’m sure others don’t either.

Signature jersey is the Grey jersey that was from 2014 I believe.

I can’t figure out how to share a pic. But we wore them in the first game at THF iconic photo of Bakari celebrating the first TD at THF. Predominantly Grey jersey with black accents and yellow piping. Gorgeous jersey.

These the ones you’re looking for? (And no, I don’t have one. Just posting the picture for you.)

I have one if you want. Check your personal messages.

I’ll take a men’s L away Howard Fields. Thanks in advance.


I used to have a home Howard Fields jersey from the eighties that I gave to my son . He has it hanging on his wall along with my Terry Evanshen jersey from the seventies . I’m not sure what happened to my Zambiasi jersey though. It went MIA a long time ago .:slight_smile:

I would have kept a Zambiasi jersey locked in a safe with guard dogs surrounding it. ;D