we are in desperate need of a defensive back to replace Dwight Anderson. He is getting burned to many times or getting a huge penalty, not to mention he is fighting with his own team. I m all for trading players or draft picks to fix this problem. Maybe Corey Holmes? Also we need a safety with ours injured.

Do Remember Tay Codys 1st Year????
I do
He was Beat so often
It was not funny to watch
People where calling for him to be Traded or Cut.
Look now at Him
Tay is the leader of Defencebacks..
One of our Best players in Fact.
We nearly Lost him in the Deal For Maas
But Edmonton Sent Him back Cause he did't' past the Physical

Anderson Will be like cody give
Give Him time..
He will one of the Better DB
We have in Hamilton By mid Season..

I agree with Onknight... Anderson needs a little more experience and he will be one of our best DBs.

What ever became of this so called Juan Bolden signing.

But I thought the Ticats DB's of last year were pretty good. It was the front seven that needed upgrading. The new front seven now is looking improved but the makeover of the DB's has weakened that area for the time being. Anderson looks like he has some talent but there is always that learning curve the new players have to go through. The team suffers while that is happening.

The defensive backfield is actually looking better and better all the time. They had a terrific game against BC EXCEPT when Anderson sat out a series because of the sideline scuffle

We HAVE a Safety. His name is Richard Karikari. http://tinyurl.com/34qawf

Before making yourself having to hop around on one leg because the other one is stuck in your mouth, how about you actually do a bit of research before finger hits keyboard?

Besides, there are already about 7 "cut Anderson" threads out there. What makes this one any different?

Im going to laugh so hard when all these Anderson bashers are forced to shove there foot in there mouths.

25 year old rookie. keyword being rookie. how many people can honestly say they’ve never messed up just alittle bit during the first few weeks at there job at 25 years old? I like his aggressive attitude personally. It goes to show you that he wants to better himself & the team as a whole.

The spearing call against him was a horrible call, you cant fault him for that & he wasn’t beat on that pass interference call. So much potential in that kid, DB’s are rare in this league.

Just stop with all this replace Anderson crap because unless he punches Mr.Young in his nerdy face he’ll remain a ticat.

i agree with back in black

You know what this thread needs?

It needs to be yarned.

I'm a huge Dwight Anderson fan.
This kid was one of the surprises at training camp.
I just can't understand how people like ticat111 can start a thread, basically trying to run him out of town.
Anderson is loaded with talent and is going to be an outstanding corner in this league.
I can still remember when David Shaw and Les Browne came to Hamilton to play corner. They both had their adjustment periods.
If they're coachable and have a ton of talent, they'll turn out just fine.

Count me in too. i think Anderson could be a great DB. He made a great play in Calgary to break up a play and nearly had an INT v Toronto. He'll be fine

buckwheat is right, he was definately a stand-out at training camp. He was one of the few guys I knew by name after camp because he did so much that I had to find out who he was. He is intense and he also has a good sense of humour and seems to get along well with his teammates. I think we could see him emerging not only as a star, but as a leader on this team.

Do ya think that maybe Armour et al were trying to get him to shut up about the call so as to not get an "Objectionable Conduct" foul and getting fined?

It could be but I have serious doubts thats the case.

You have serious doubts about EVERYTHING troll...

I have no doubt you aren't ever going to look objectively at anything I post