Wanted Ottawa Rough Riders' Items

Looking for Ottawa Rough Riders' lapel pins.

Also, 1996 flag and pennant.

I'm looking for a Rough Rider helmet.

[url=http://www.ebay.com/itm/OTTAWA-ROUGH-RIDERS-VINTAGE-THROWBACK-1950s-CFL-CANADIAN-LEAGUE-FOOTBALL-HELMET-/261095731819?pt=US_Football_Fan_Shop&hash=item3cca84b26b]http://www.ebay.com/itm/OTTAWA-ROUGH-RI ... 3cca84b26b[/url]

For $227.49 U.S. it can be all yours!!! :slight_smile: :thup:

Thanks you, Bobo. Unfortunately, this guy's been trying to pawn this fake off for a couple of years. I am looking for an 1960's or 1970's "R" helmet though. :thup:

[url=http://www.cfhof.ca/store/products/Ottawa--Rough-Riders-Helmet-Pin.html]http://www.cfhof.ca/store/products/Otta ... t-Pin.html[/url]

couldn't find a flag but did find this lapel pin,says it's available from the CFL HOF,that is if any are still in stock.Hope this helps you out,good luck to you :slight_smile: I did find a few pennants on EBay but they were already sold and bidding was closed(maybe you were one of the lucky bidders,hope so :slight_smile: )


Here is a history of Ottawa Rough Rider helmets and designs throughout their history,curiously the one I posted from EBay isn't depicted here,only one close is a red helmet(63-64) with the same style logo,without the team name depicted that the fake one has on a black helmet,an obvious fake indeed :thdn:

If you not a member of the RedBlacks Facebook group "RedBlack Nation" you should join them and ask if they have any stuff. I know we have some former players and media members as well as one of the original Rough Rider photographers. I'v seen them posting all kinds of memorabilia on there.