Wanted: One Football Team

Because we certainly don't seem to have one in this city.

FIVE sacks so far in the first half.
Over 230yds passing for Jennings in the first half.
A secondary that either can't cover or tackle.
An "Offensive" line that can't block.
A Defensive line that can't get any pressure on the QB, and, when they do, he completes passes for first downs.
And the worst thing? A Head Coach that is constantly out-coached in 6 of 7 games this year. This team never comes out with a killer instinct. They are constantly flat to start games.

Maybe we're seeing the REAL Hamilton Tiger-Cats football team this season - a mid-tier team that may not make the playoffs. Frankly, the way that they are playing so far, they don't deserve it.

I'm usually one of the so-called cheerleaders on this site.

Any change in position as a result of the 2nd half?

Lol. One heck of a game

A definite case of premature ejaculation!

HAHAHAAAA...on the above posts.
Great to see Zac back...
Thought he played a fantastic 2nd half.
If I have one bone to pick ...it is on Orlando. :thdn:
For the 2nd week in a row his Defensive play calling in the first half was way too laid-back.
In the 2nd half..he had the guys pin-their ears back and sent lots of pressure packs.
And shut down the BC Offence for the complete 3rd quarter and most of the 4th.
And I will add...
BC got "lucky" to win this game.

Good post and sooo right

The Secondary is the biggest issue I see week in week out this season on the whole they are not getting the job done we are getting burned bigtime that is one unit that played crappy all this game CB Mr Ellis comes to mind?!

It's certainly exciting to watch our team making huge comebacks in the second half of the game...especially this season.
But the big question is .......why do they have to go through this huge half-time re-tooling in the first place?
I admire this team's spirit for what they are doing. But to me it looks like the game planning is way off.

I think Kent Austin is overthinking ...... and trying to outfox the opposition by not always using our best receivers and also throwing away the running game. The opposition meanwhile kills us by using all their best weapons right from the get-go. They are not fooled because Kent tries to show them a different team every game. Sounds good in theory but look at what has happened in reality.......we get steam-rollered in the first half. We discussed this same issue last season.

I think Kent needs to find an OC as quickly as possible. He is being stretched in too many directions.

Hard to watch a team that is consistently flat and outplayed every first half. Why does the light suddenly go on in the second half. I am concerned about Gable... he is not the runner he was before his injuries last year. Austin will find out you need a running game to compliment the passing game. The secondary. Well that's the weak link in the team. poor coverage and tackling has been a problem all year. This team will not make the playoffs until they learn to play 60 minutes of smash mouth football. Where is the pressure from the front 4??????????????

It was almost a great comeback win, but we still lost the game in the first half. I guess when the secondary loses 4/5 of the starters to season-ending injuries, bad things happen. What really irks me is the fact the they always, except the first game against the blew team, start the game like a bunch of 9th-graders.

Austin and Steinauer were seriously out-coached during the first half of the game for the 6th time in a row, and we had to rely on a heroic second half to make the score respectable. The fans and Bob Young deserve better than the garbage we have been putting up with...

Secondary needs to get better for sure but the big plays were not horribly blown coverages or anything it was a lot of just seeing pure size and strength that BC receivers have beating our guys. I really think Stephen has to go back to corner and put someone with size that can hit like Mike Daley in there.

(Love him) but Dyakowski has his name mentioned 2 or 3 times every game now, horrible for a lineman. And the whole line has zero push running the ball.

Need someone who makes plays after the catch (since they refuse completely to use Banks)

Collaros tho is a beast, same with banks but nothing new there.

I like the fact that Gable got his hands on the ball, by pass reception (5), almost as often as by handoff (6) -- one third of his season's receptions in this one game and he was our 3rd leading receiver with 68 yds. No question, they should have thrown to him, at least, once more. On the 3rd & 5 play, at the end, he was standing, open and alone, just past the first down marker between the left hash and the numbers with no Lion closer than 10 yds. from him. Looking at that play, again, Collaros first looked deep middle and stayed there. My guess is that he was throwing for Owens, posting from the right, and misfired on the distance. There were so many Lions in the area because both Tasker and Fantuz were headed toward the spot where Owens might have had a chance if the ball was thrown deeper. If everybody was actually where they were supposed to be, when the ball was thrown, that was a poorly designed play, for sure.

I can appreciate the "outcoached in the first half" comment, but overwhelmingly, they have outcoached the opponents in the second half...

I think Austin said it in his post-game on another site..."In the first half, our guys have to go up and take balls away like they do in the second half...our guys have to fight through the O-line like they do in the second half...." That touchdown by Arcenaux in the first where he went up for the ball while 3 of our guys stood flat-footed spoke to that for me...

There seems to be a tentativeness in the first half...not playing with the urgency they do when they are down three TDs...not sure how a coach affects that other than finding players that play 60 minutes

Almost looked like a Hail Mary-type play where you get three-four receivers in one spot and hope someone gets a tipped ball...

That one still puzzles me...did Collaros know how much time was left?

He should have. It's not like there aren't a tonne of screens with clocks on them placed all around the stadium; and the fact that there's a radio receiver and headphones in his helmet either...

Out-and-out a bonehead play...

With the way the past few games are going it is not unreasonable to start tuning in after half time. The past few games I shut it off because of how badly they played in the first half to turn back in the fourth and realize I missed the excitement.

I think we all should have learned our lesson by now, don't turn a game off including the 2016 Ti-Cats, they have that knack some teams have for just always making things interesting. I am hoping we look back at these games in November and say these last 3 games were the turning point where we go from good, to a great team. If they can just play 4 quarters of football this team will be hard to beat especially with Zach at the commands.

Tried the halftime turnoff method during the winnipeg game, nope doesn't work. I gotta keep trying superstitions I'll get one right soon dont worry.