WANTED: Field Goal Kicker

Need I say more. I must admit last year i gave McCallum the benefit of the doubt...nobodys perfect. Well it's starting to become ridiculous now. Riders lose by one point....McCallum misses a couple field goals. He has had his chance to prove himself and has failed numerous times. Its time to move on.

must be able to kick 10 yard field goals and make extra points off of touchdowns.......chin optional

If the entire season rests on one player, the Riders are doomed. This is ridiculous. I can’t believe the number of people who jump on and off the McCallum bandwagon. Granted, he’s not my favourite player lately either - I think he needs a couple games off to regain his rhythm - but some people are just insane. Perhaps if other players stepped up to their responsibilities in that game the outcome would have been different also? I’m thinking maybe Hunt should have caught a SURE THING on the one yard line - that interception would have turned the flow of the game instantly. To put the entire weight of the Riders football world on the shoulders of one guy is inappropriate. Quit blaming one guy. Yes he has his faults, and he’s obviously going through some serious confidence issues right now, but wouldn’t you if people you had trusted were threatening your family? The reason it’s called a team is because everyone is involved. It’s the RIDERS’ fault they lost, not only McCallum’s.

enogh of the family threat thing.....your a proffessional you make the easy kicks...thats why you get paid. I agree there was some other plays that could have changed the turnout of the game...but when your kicker is 6-11...thats piss poor

Hey look on the bright side, at least your kicker's not Duncan O'Mahoney. Does anyone in the league miss as many 20-something kicks as often as he does? In Calgary he was a punter and PK. He's an excellent punter, but would miss short FG's routinely. Now in BC he has double duties again. And once again, he shanks kicks constantly, even the writers out here in Van talk about it now. It's time for the guy to just be a punter. Face facts Duncan, you can't kick!!

kicker or not if you are failing in any job you better be looking over your shoulder. :shock:
Shivers will not put up with it..... that is for sure, so don't worry fans , do worry Paul. Straighten out ( literally) or you will be selling more then your shoes on e-bay.

Dumping manure on his driveway was the worst thing that could have happened. Yes it's a terrible thing that a fan did but it gave McCallum some sympathy from the Rider faithful and without that I think he might be gone now. As I see it, yes the Riders lost that game, not only because of McCallum, but if you can't do your job then you shouldn't have your job.

I agree with the " if you can't do your job, then you shouldnt have your job". People are saying we are blaming the loss on him, but many of us aren't. The thing is McCallum get's paid to make those field goals. However, I do not think this is a lack of skill, I beleive this slump is mostly mental. And I think he is having those mental issues because of his missed kick in last years West Final. Not only because he missed the kick, but because of the ways some of the fans treated him. When he is lining up every field goal he is probably thinking "Don't screw this up, Don't screw this up" when he should actually be thinking about making the kick. I really don't know what Danny and Roy are going to do about this. People have been talking about a Prefontaine for McCallum trade, and some people have been saying to get an American kicker and let McCallum handle the punts. I don't know if either of these are going to work, but one thing is for sure they have to do SOMETHING about this.

Sentance 1.. i don't think anyone has said that a season rests on just him.

Sentance 2.. of course it would have been a different outcome... i don't think anyone will deny that.

Sentance 3.. of course it's a team game and other players on the team are just as responsable for the loss as paul is.... but people are just pointing out an obvious problem on the team over the course of 3 games... not just one...

Even in those 2 wins he had not been kicking up to standards... he is 6 for 11... thats horrible... and can't be tolerated for much longer... no season depends on just the kicker... but you have to admit, the kicker is one of the more important jobs on the team.... look at points scored at the end of the year.... who are all the guys at the top of the list????....KICKERS... they put up more points than anyone else.. about 100 points more... they are a HUGE part of the team... and if your kicker sucks you score less points... hence lose more games.

I'm not a Riders fan... and to be honest... i hope they keep him... less my team has to worry about when playing them... but for the good of the team i think they have to start thinking about finding someone else... cuz if he doesn't turn it around in the next couple of weeks a change HAS to be made... you're screwed if you can't depend on your kicker to make those FG's consistantly.

Chronicguy: I never said McCallum was up to snuff in the other two games - and I think McCallum needs to go. In fact, if you asked me last year halfway through the season when he began to suck (in my opinion), I was saying we needed to get rid of him THEN. I completely agree that the kicker is one of the most fundamentally important positions; however, people still should not be blaming the loss on him. I think you missed my point.

Here's a suggestion:

Have Roy give Tim Duncan a call, he was in a race that went to the wire for the Al's kicking duties in pre-season.

If I recall correctly, Matthews said he would of been just as comfortable with Duncan as he was with Duval. (and notice who made the winning kick, from 48 yds, in Friday's game).

Just a thougth.

ya no what really makes me mad is that paul is the highest paid Canadian on the team. thats just stupid he cant even kick a 15 yard field goal. Although you cant balme him entirely for the lose against the argos but if he would have been doing his job we wound have had 9 more points than we did making it so it would be quite a tough comeback. i think its time for a new kicker.

well anyone that blames one single person for a loss doesn't know enough about football and is not a true fan... and therefore should just be ignored if making a stupid point like that... but... that being said... even though he is not solely to blame... he is without a doubt in some part responsible for that loss...
but i don't think most people think he is the only one to blame... just an obvious one considering he has played poorly over all 3 games so far... and i think it was just timing that all the heat comes after the first loss... even if they had won i still think people would still be all over him.. 1 or 2 games people can put up with... once it starts going past that people get impatient.

I still say we should get Robokicker back. The fact that he beat his wife shouldn't factor in here. He's probably got a few good years in him. ( lol ) Seriously though, maybe it's time to take a good hard look at McCallum. His six missed points was a factor, ( notwithstanding Reggie "Cementhands" Hunt's botched interception. ) I wish I worked at a job where I could perform 50% of the time and still get a paycheck. A kicker HAS to make the clutch kicks. If he can't, punt his ass! ( no pun intended ). It could be worse though, we could be Bomber fans.

Well, McCallum did look pretty decent in the first game of the year against the Bombers of the league going 3 for 3 on FG's but ever since it's been shaky at best. I'm a McCallum fan, sure I screamed "F You McCallum" when he missed that FG in the West Finals but I still think he's usually a pretty decent kicker. This year he's been having a bit of trouble but the good thing is it's early in the season and he has time to improve. As long as McCallum stays around the 75% mark on FG's I'll be happy with the results. I say give him until week 9 if he's still not performing by then, well... I'd say the scouts better get to work.

Thing is, McCallum's NOT 75% on field goals. He's only at about 54% right now - 6/11. Shaky at best.

he'd have to hit his next 6 straight to get to 70%... 9 straight to get to 75%

I think they should bring in a new kicker to put some heat under McCallum. Maybe that will help end his slump. They should still keep him though

........in order to do that BGM, Ol' Roy has to remove a player from the active squad, which is pretty doubtful given the inuury situation your riders have........but you could sign a potential kicker to the practice squad...........who knows, maybe you already have one there?.......but it comes back to that fact that there isn't a line up of non-import kickers waiting for a turn........it's a rare commodity......

I don't think puting more pressure on McCallum is going to end the problem. In fact, I think that is the problem. I don't think he's been the same since he missed that field goal in last years West Finals.

We'll give you Troy Westwood for Moore and Benefield, just sign below: